Explore the City of Lakes- Pokhara with Boating, Sunrise Tour, Sightseeing and Adventure Activities

Explore the City of Lakes- Pokhara with Boating, Sunrise Tour, Sightseeing and Adventure Activities

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Pokhara is a city that often makes an excellent presence in the travelers’ list, which come to visit Nepal. It is dotted with numerous tourist attractions and for this reason tourists always prefer to enlist Pokhara in their bucket list to explore in their trip. The city is surrounded by the greenery of the mountain woods and the Himalayan boulders on the horizon. Pokhara is a gateway of various trekking in the Annapurna region too. 

Pokhara is renowned for various tourist activities like boating in the Lakes, sightseeing tour to explore the David’s Falls, Gupteshor cave, Mahendra cave and bat cave, Seti River gorge,  enjoy the adventure paragliding, zipline, water touch bungy and mountain biking tour and many more. Hiking to the Peace Pagoda is an amazing day hiking experience to get there. Oh yes, do not miss to taste the typical Nepali Dal Bhat cuisine with spicy pickle (don’t ask spicy pickle if you are not used to with it). Let’s check out the things in detail what you can enjoy in/around Pokhara city. 

Boating Around the Lakes in Pokhara

Pokhara is a city of Lakes. Among others, Phewa Lake, Begnas Lake and Rupa Lake are the most famous Lakes in the Pokhara valley. The travelers and trekkers who visit Pokhara find boating in Pokhara an exclusive experience of the luxury and comfort as hand paddle boat and leg paddle boats are available there. Phewa Lake is located attached with the city of Lakeside. Thus, this is the most visited Lake and the boating Lake in Pokhara. You can hire a single boat and paddle yourself, hire a boat and guide along with the leg paddle boat for the group boating. Begnas Lake is the most beautiful Lake in Pokhara, which is clean and amazing, but located a bit away from the Lakeside. Rupa Lake is another Lake for the boating experience. After all, Pokhara offers both comfort and luxury along with the adventure experience. 

Sightseeing Tour

Exploring the major highlighting destinations around Pokhara is a fantastic day trip with sightseeing. As the town is loaded with the natural sites as caves, waterfalls, River gorge and hill stations, you will find it exciting to visit around and arrest those beautiful sites in your lens. Mahendra cave and Gupteshor caves are amazing to look around inside, which is a remarkably a unique experience. David Falls is another magnificent site as a tourist attraction, where the waterfall enjoys hide and seek. The thrilling gorge of the Seti River has equally enticed the travelers.  

Sarangkot Sunrise Tour

Sarangkot is a hill top station above Pokhara, which takes about half an hour drive to reach there. It is a magnificent tourist zone, especially for some activities. This is an excellent view point of the sunrise over the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri region Himalayan peaks. They look amazing once the sunrise kisses these enticing peaks. The meadows around Sarangkot are the spectacular points for the adventure paragliding flight. So, even if you are not doing the paragliding, you will see how the adventure paragliding experience is taken. 

Adventure Activities

Pokhara is a haven for the adventure lovers. The programs depend on your interest and preferred level of adventure.  Flying over the sky of Pokhara, you can experience the thrilling adventure of paragliding and explore the city from the eagle-eye view. It depends- half an hour or one hour paragliding. Driving to Sarangkot, the picturesque hill top above Pokhara for half an hour, the paragliding takes off and offers you an exhilarating adventure experience. Solo, Tandem and cross country flight are the options for this adventure. 

Likewise, zipline experience, water touch bungy, avia-flight experience and mountain biking day tours are wonderful to experience. Do not miss to explore and experience the adventure activities and major tourist destinations around Kathmandu. 

Peace Stupa Hiking

Located at the opposite hillside of the Lakeside city in Pokhara, Peace stupa (aka Shanti Stupa in Nepali) is a wonderful attraction for the travelers. Shanti literally means peace, which is a Sanskrit language. Shanti stupa is a symbol of peace, which is located at 1100 meters height, called the Anadu Hill.  There are various gateways to reach peace stupa: driving half an hour from Lakeside or hide from another edge of the Phewa Lake. The second one is the most amazing way to explore this site. The refreshing day hike goes through the woods and the communities. You can feel the magnificent spirituality and the good vibes with the incredible Himalayan views. It is the best sunset viewpoint in Pokhara. 

Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Here comes the most recommended and exciting day trip from Pokhara. The tour takes off from the Pokhara airport and takes you above the magnificent landscape of the Annapurna region. The ultimate destination of this tour is the base camp of Annapurna peak, located at 4130 meters altitude. It is surrounded by the giant Himalayan boulders in the shape of the bowl. Take abundant snaps of the delighting alpine panorama of the Himalayas in Annapurna with Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Why don’t you concretize your plan to have an organized tour in Pokhara and enjoy various adventure activities? Approved Holidays arrange the required tour arrangement for your remarkable holiday in Pokhara. 

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