Jammer can be installed on almost any platform

Jammer can be installed on almost any platform

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Electronic warfare (EW), the use of the electromagnetic spectrum to foil enemy forces and protect friendly ones, is perhaps the most time-sensitive of all the weapons in the military arsenal: a matter of nanoseconds could make the difference between life and death. That’s why latency is so critical to EW processing systems. If a radar-guided missile is heading for your aircraft at Mach 5, the aircraft’s radar jammer had better be quick – quick to take in the signal, manipulate it, and retransmit it to fool the adversary with false targets or misleading data on size, distance, heading, speed. Digital RF memories (DRFMs), the specialized RF jammers that do just that, require receive-response latencies of 20 to 100 nanoseconds. Compared to radars – which transmit pulses and receive echoes – DRFMs – which receive pulses and retransmit the signals modulated with jamming techniques – have much more stringent latency requirements.


The most interesting question is whether passive "scrambling" is allowed. I know that the local clubs, Sam's Club and Lowes, act like natural cages in Faraday, but I wonder if there is anything in the federal code prohibiting the eventual installation of a type of grounding barrier of the signal. I would like to think that private property rights outweigh the rights of mobile phone users, but there are so many things going against private owners these days that I can not help but ask me questions.


Jammer itself generated a lot of fever causes heat, the effectiveness of natural disturbances shorter, it is recommended not to continue to allow the work of jammers.Distribution protection mask signal issued in the examination room are not uniform, may have weak points, the shield effect in these places hurt. Once again the sensitivity of the phone receiver is different. The frequency of the signal can be protected and the frequency of the telephone is not in the interference filter with a band.


Jammers and other EW systems can be mounted on virtually any platform, including attack drones. Large systems can reach out to engage UASs at higher altitudes and greater distances. One of the most significant advantages of using electronic warfare against hostile drones is the reduced risk of collateral damage. This is particularly important when protecting urban infrastructure such as airports and government buildings. The use of EW against accessible targets also allows the defender to save long-range, but more expensive, kinetic weapons for use against more critical targets such as manned aircraft or ballistic and cruise missiles.


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