Ferry from Port Blair to Havelock

Ferry from Port Blair to Havelock

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How to reach Havelock island from Port Blair!


The Andaman floats in the Bay of Bengal region and continues to be divided from the road boundaries of India, through this we have two options to reach the Andaman, one is via ferry services and another is through airways. The traveling duration is far different, ferry takes 3-4 days to reach the destination, whereas airways take just 4-5 hours to land you in Andaman.


Port Blair [capital city of Andaman]  is 70 kilometers away from Havelock Island, this island is not connected via any road, so the only option is to use ferry services to relocate to other islands. If you are boarding a flight from tier-1 states, then there is an advantage of direct flight to Port Blair.


The travel duration from Port Blair to Havelock island requires at least 2-3 hours. You can choose two types of ferry services- [Government/Private]. Most people prefer private ferry services as they provide comfortable and faster rides whereas government ferries are a bit complicated and take more time to reach the destination, the prices are expensive for the private ferries as compared to government operated ferries.


Modes available to reach Havelock from Port Blair-

You can reach to Havelock island from Port Blair by 3 modes of transport, i.e.

1.   Airways

2.   Seaways

3.   Roadways [Both Road+Sea]


Helicopter Pavan Hans [Airways]

This helicopter flies from Port Blair to Havelock-Diglipur-Hutbay-Neil Islands [Little Andaman], it follows four destinations once it starts operating from Port Blair. The major disadvantage of this traveling mode is that it’s not available to tourists every time, except if there is a medical emergency or for Government Purposes.


It is the fastest mode to travel among the islands, the only time it takes is to land properly at the respective helipads to ensure safe and secure landing. The traveling cost of Pavan Hans is not so cheap, it is preferred only by those who are required to relocate as soon as possible or any kind of emergencies. However, there are no charges for a Government official who uses this mode for government related operations and activities.



Ferry services [Seaways]

As described above, there are two types of ferries available to travel from Port Blair to Havelock islands


●     Government Ferry

These ferries are operated by Government for local works, import-export services and for local citizens of Andaman, however you can travel through this ferry by collecting the tickets from the office located in Port Blair, you can only buy tickets in offline mode with your relevant required documents like- [Passport, ID proof].


●     Private Ferry

These are private company limited ferries, the major advantage of these ferries is that you can book it anywhere and enjoy the luxurious easy and quick ride. The most popular private ferries that operate are Makruzz and Green Ocean, you can book the tickets online and travel to your destinations in just 2-3 hours. These ferries also offer extra customer amenities during the journey such as special foods, comfortable compartments and booking cancellation safety.


Road + Sea [Road-Seaways]

This is the combination mode of travel preferred by those who have extra time and love to explore nature while relocating themselves. There is a national highway from Port Blair to Diglipur Island, once you reach this island switch to ferry to continue the journey to Havelock island.

Regular transports such as private taxi, buses are available at their particular stoppage in Diglipur Island.


This option can take a bunch of time, but can be efficient if you want to explore the Diglipur island as well. Sometimes ferry services aren’t available due to some heavy stormy weather conditions or dangerous sea waves, therefore you can opt for a road route to Diglipur and wait for the suitable conditions so that ferry services can resume their operations.

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