13 Things to Know Before Going to Sri Lanka

13 Things to Know Before Going to Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is an exotic island known for its teas, spices, wildlife, delicious food, and so much more. It is located in between south-east Asia and India and yet it is not like anyone of these parts of the world. 

Here are 13 things to know about Sri Lanka:

Get your visa before you go 
To get a visa beforehand, you need to get an eVisa and apply online for the same. Make sure to fill in all the details with utmost care on your visa form as even a slight mistake would cause you to fill up your form again at the arrival airport. 

Apart from citizens of Maldives, Singapore and Seychelles, everyone is expected to get a visa to explore Sri Lanka. 

Stunning and reasonable
Apart from being stunningly gorgeous, Sri Lanka is also easy on the pocket. Although some of the stuff that is imported to Sri Lanka would be slightly expensive, overall Sri Lanka does give your wallet a break.

The local food, the sightseeing, travelling around and even the yoga retreats in Sri Lanka are affordable. They are not as cheap as some of the south-east Asian countries like Bali and Thailand but way less expensive than the American and European countries. 

You can enjoy the warm sun
Sri Lanka remains sunny for most part of the year apart from the rainy season. You will get to enjoy and bask in the warmth of the glorious sun. Sri Lanka is the perfect place to come to, if you want some winter sun.

December to April is the best time to visit the southern parts of Sri Lanka while May to September are the best months to visit the northeast parts of Sri Lanka.

Trains are better than buses
If you love exploring places and travelling local, Sri Lanka wouldn’t disappoint you. Traveling by trains here is much better in many ways than travelling by bus. Trains cost much less than buses and also offer scenic views on your journey.

For your train journey, you can book your tickets in advance while with buses that is not a possibility. Buses also tend to be overly crowded and hence uncomfortable. 

You can use the tuks-tuks for shorter distances but be sure to get a metered ride as the drivers charge way more than what is reasonable. 

Covert your money in Sri Lanka
Do you know that you cannot carry Indian rupee or Pakistani rupee in the country? So it is best to get your money converted to USD for smoother conversion processes in Sri Lanka. 

The local currency converters often offer reasonable conversion rates, so it is the best to convert your money in Sri Lanka itself.

Understand the head waggle
The head waggle is a common communication gesture in Sri Lanka. It is one of the most used non-verbal communicative signs in this beautiful country. The head waggle mostly means a yes, no or a maybe.

The local people of Sri Lanka are some of the warmest and welcoming people so be respectful of their culture and get to know their ways of communication. 

Teas and beaches 
Sri Lankans are crazy about tea and tea production. They love tea. Sri Lanka is the fourth largest tea producer in the world and also the second-largest exporter.

Along with splendid tea, Sri Lanka is also home to some of the most pristine beaches that are alive with the sound of the ocean. You are in for a treat of the soul in this stunning island country. 

Ayurveda and spirituality 
Another reason why the country is gaining so much popularity with travelers from all over the world is due to the Ayurveda retreats in Sri Lanka and its vibrant yoga culture. Sri Lanka has some of the most fabulous ayurvedic resorts. 

Yoga retreats and yoga studios are also another charm of Sri Lanka and one of the things to know about this sacred country. 

Hide your Buddha tattoos
Buddha tattoos and Buddha used in any fashion other than spirituality is strictly looked down upon in Sri Lanka. You can be arrested and deported for having Buddha tattoos or Buddha bags. 

This is because Sri Lankans believe that the Buddhas image is to be respected and not used for commercial purposes. 

Don’t be afraid to bargain
Like many other countries of the world, Sri Lanka too has plenty of markets that are must visit for shopaholics. But as a tourist, you’ll be definitely charged more than the locals, so brush up your bargaining skills before arriving here. 

Don’t be afraid to bargain and get the right and reasonable price for what you want to buy.

Be careful with tap water
Tap water is abundant in Sri Lanka, but it might not suit you. The locals of Sri Lanka are used to tap water and consume it regularly with no harm to their health. For you, as a tourist, the tap water might not be so healthy.

Buy bottled water or filtered water to keep those harmful water bacteria away.

It’s safe
Whether you are traveling solo or with people, Sri Lanka is relatively safe for tourists.

Apart from the caution that you need to take when you travel to any other country, Sri Lanka is a safe space for you to enjoy and explore.

Sri Lankan food is delicious 
Last but not least, the local Sri Lankan food is lip-smacking delicious and guess what? It’s also inexpensive. 

The egg hoppers, crab curry and coconut sambal will surely leave your food-loving heart full and happy. Don’t hesitate to try out the local dishes but also be discerning to avoid getting a bad stomach. 

Sri Lanka is unique in itself and diverse in its culture and offerings. This exotic land is sure to expand your mind and heart with the breath-taking landscapes, delicious food and the profound spiritual culture. 

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