brouilleurs peut restaurer la vie et la tranquillité

brouilleurs peut restaurer la vie et la tranquillité

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Nous savons toujours que les équipements électroniques tels que les téléphones portables peuvent interférer avec le fonctionnement des radiotélescopes, de sorte que les radiotélescopes utilisés contrôleront l’équipement électromagnétique environnant. A récemment visité le radiotélescope australien avec parc pour enfants Le télescope de 64 mètres (Parkes Telescope), ATCA (Australian Telescope Dense Array) a été placé à l’entrée du parc. Il est également recommandé d’installer un brouilleur mobile haute puissance à proximité du télescope pour arrêter la transmission des signaux des téléphones portables.

There is also a scene you can imagine, in winter, the cold and the cold of the wind and the temperature can not prevent people from playing in the world of ice and snow. People all over the world enjoy the cold and the silence in winter. You will see many people laughing at rooster shaped snow sculptures. They pursue their own romance, no work, no computer, no cell phone, primitive life and tranquility. How to Save I don’t know the computer, but I know your boss can leave, especially from his phone, without making him angry. Your free crazy time starts with a phone jammer. The host of our store can successfully broadcast any type of frequency suitable for CDMA, AMPS, GSM, TDMA, DCS, PCS, etc. Same iDEN system from Nextel. Today’s “old” analog phones and digital devices are vulnerable to interference. Depends on the strength of the device and the local environment and the signal strength. To a lesser extent, this may also include walls in the building that would slightly attenuate the blocker’s signal.

Sometimes, we often see that the police always hold a rectangular black box, and sometimes they are on the arms of security personnel and special police. What is this? Yes, it is a portable hand-held jammer that blocks the signal from the base station and the phone and stops the phone from working. Well, if needed, wear it so that it can provide you with a quiet environment and reject unpleasant sounds.

The full name of the Mini GPS signal interceptor described here is “Car Carter Small GPS Signal Jammer”. Now more and more people own cars and often drive out to talk about business, travel and so on. Once the conditions are determined, there is a risk of life, private life, work, etc. And many people are trapped in such conditions, in order to improve the conditions, then using miniature GPS signal interceptors is a good choice, because these miniature car GPS jammers are designed for cars, due to the use of this portable jammer, So you can easily advertise small cars in cars using 12V power, you don’t have to worry about being told to drive, so you can easily go where you want to go.

The reliable source said that the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission is considering a proposal to install a mobile phone jammer on taxis and limousines to prevent drivers from leaving their phones and paying attention to the road. They plan to use a smaller working range jammer. Due to the limited range of jammers, passengers are advised to always call from the back seat. Drivers of course object, claiming that mobile phones are essential to their work and they need to keep in touch with customers.

Currently, the Model Broadcasting Sports Association has remote pilot aviation model pilot training and license evaluation (CBSA). The person in charge of the association introduced that they have been training for the project since last year. So far, about 1,000 people have been trained and licensed. But this number is much lower than the number of drones in our province. Because this training is not mandatory, the association can only actively defend it.
In Linyi, although no pilots have been trained, the vast majority of people still know that drones are prohibited in the restricted area.

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jammershopers travel blog images

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