Impressive jammer

Impressive jammer

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Currently, a wireless jammer is under construction, which will replace the -22PP "Miss" aircraft in service with the Air Force. The new jammer will be equipped with new equipment that can electronically suppress any interference source. Aim at sea, land, land and And destroy enemy satellites to ensure ground navigation and radio communications. "

A source from the Russian defence industry, who asked not to be named, told Sputnik News that an aircraft equipped with a jamming system is currently being developed that will replace the Il-22PP Porubshchik (electronic warfare aircraft) and is currently in the process of submitting to the Russian Aerospace Force Deliver this aircraft. "This machine will fundamentally get new airborne equipment that will electronically suppress any target on the ground, in the air, and at sea, and disable enemy satellites capable of providing navigation and radio communications on the ground.

"The first NGJ-MB pod is just outside the door," said Stefan Baur, Raytheon's vice president of electronic warfare systems. "We are one step closer to expanding the Navy's range and capabilities. The crane The delivery of the capsule will allow preliminary verification of ground procedures, quality characteristics, aircraft installation and built-in test checks to prepare for future cabin and flight tests. "The futuristic Nerod F5 microwave cell phone jam was also displayed at the Bastille Celebration , A rifle-shaped weapon designed to target drones by blocking pilot signals.

The solution features high power, flexible beam interference technology and solid state electronics. Its architecture also allows future upgrades. Raytheon has delivered the first "next-generation jammer" mid-band engineering and manufacturing development pod to the US Navy to begin ground and aircraft integration testing. Raytheon will provide 15 EMD pods for mission system testing and qualification, and 14 aero mechanical pods for airworthiness certification.

DriveCam was originally a company that provided many services to many people, including fleet tracking, fuel management, road safety, and accident prevention through driver training. Their children and so on. As long as you ask GPS related questions on DriveCam, I think you are not interested in the solution of the camera with built-in teen camera. Regarding DriveCam fleet tracking systems, there is no precise specification of the type of GPS band they use in this vehicle location tracking solution. So you have two options: the first is to use the smallest GPS jammer for the car you want to use, but may not completely block the signal from the DriveCam GPS tracker, or use a dedicated car adapter and make sure all GPS signals are blocked your car.

If an aircraft uses its radar in offensive electronic warfare (rather than a separate jammer launcher), it is likely that it will get AN / APG-81's incredible offensive jamming assets, which is not the case. This is because the radar is a very high-gain directional transmitter whose beam is focused only on the intended interference target. Obviously, the interference target itself will also seriously interfere with the target.

The drone jamming gun has three frequencies that can change the direction of the drone, and you can choose the direction by pressing one of the three frequency buttons. Inside the barrel is an antenna that emits signals that force the drone to return and land, protecting the airspace. The butt is similar to the assault rifle of the M203 grenade launcher and is designed as the center of gravity, reducing fatigue during use and improving accuracy. To get even more features, drone killers are also designed to accept optical sight attachments. Of all the drone jammers we have seen, this is definitely one of the most impressive.


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alexytony travel blog images

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