What is Jin Shin Do and How Can it Help You?

What is Jin Shin Do and How Can it Help You?

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​The power of human touch cannot be underestimated. We are all born with the power within us to heal through this natural gift. Some of us may choose not to use it, but for those of us who do have an interest Jin Shin Do can be a great place to start the healer's journey. The reason for this is because, once the series of movements and pressure point is learnt, the rest is fairly simple. The direction can then be focused on used one's own energy and power to affect another's in a positive way ​Bojin Treatment Singapore

Jin Shin Do is a form of acupressure which is very simple and easy to practice. Though is revolves around the Japanese system of acupressure it is more about how to concentrate energies from an emotional place of compassion. By giving and receiving treatments we can become increasingly aware of our own conditions and bodies vital energy system. We may become more acutely aware of what feels "off" in the balance of our own lives, thus giving us the insight to take the action steps necessary to make the necessary changes that will promote further personal growth.

Jin Shin Do is designed to rejuvenate and nourish the vital "chi" energies of the body to balance and strengthen the spirit and physical body. A philosophy deeply rooted in this oriental healing art is revealed in the very name of the word. Jin, meaning compassion, is viewed as "the magic key that unlocks the true power of our inner spirit". Without this compassion for ourselves and for others, the affects of Jin Shin Do cannot successfully applied. This principle is a feeling of whole hearted acceptance of the weakness and strengths of the human race without judgment.

Shin, the second character in the word, means spirit. It is through this spirit that energy flows from us to another. But it is not uniquely "ours", it moves in and through us and the whole of the universe. It is not defined as an "ego-centered" reality but humbling path of self awareness, in tune with nature and the oneness of all things.

In the words of Ch'I Po in regard to the Yellow Emperor states, "What is the spirit? The spriit cannot be heard with the ear. The eye must be open and attentive, and then the spirit is suddenly revealed through one's own consciousness. It cannot be expressed through the mouth; only the heart can express all that can be looked upon. If one pays close attention, one may suddenly lose this knowledge. But Shen, the spirit, becomes clear to man as though the wind has blown away the cloud. Therefore one speaks of it as the spirit." In essence Jin Shin Do is the way of the "compassionate spirit". The ability to channel universal energy through healing touch increases emotional balance and harmony within our selves and the recipient.

The third character "Do" refers to "the way" or Tao, to follow the path of nature and all that is. The vision of the Tao impels humans to begin to harmonize their lives and flow with the changes that compose the journey of life.

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