Only in Batanes!

Only in Batanes!

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Few things to know beforehand prior to visiting this awesome place:

1.       Ivatan! People and Language which means Austronesian.

2.       Vakul, a headgear worn by women Kanayi, vest drapped on men. Both are worn by farmers while working in the field to protect them from the rays of the sun and rain.

3.       Weather changes instantly. You can experience changes in the weather from windy to sunny to rainy in a day.

4.       Faluwa. It is a native Ivatan motorized both used for transportation when travelling from one island to another.

5.       One Petrol Station. All through the archipelago, there’s only one petrol station which is in the mainland of Batan, Philippines.

6.       No Foreign Exchange: Be ready to bring Philippine peso prior to going to this awesome island.

7.       Most of the Restaurants and stores are close by 8PM. People sleep early which means and that makes them wake up early.

8.       No Nightlife! You would rarely find people in the streets after 8PM and no bars to drink alcoholic beverages.

9.       If you do not have Ivatan blood, then there’s no way you can acquire property in the island of Batanes. This is a law which probably explains why there’s no fast food chains and convenience store in this place.

10.   There’s only 2 Local Banks available, Landbank and PNB. So, prior to getting on the plane going up north make sure you have enough cash with you that will suffice to cover the days you’ll stay in the island.

11.   No Fast Food Chains and Convenience Stores! Yes, you read that right. Throughout the awesome place in Batanes, you would not see any fast food chains or convenience stores, and that brings you to cooking your own food or eating at a local restaurant in the island. For sure there would be dishes you’ll love eating here.

12.   No Credit Cards! Your cards will be useless here, all restaurant and stores only accepts cash.

13.   No Smoking! This is strictly being implemented in all the islands of Batanes.

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