The hidden cost during the trek

The hidden cost during the trek

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The hidden cost during the treks in the Himalayan Regions

Everybody in the world is looking for the cheap deals.  The cheap deals are easily eye catching for everyone at the beginning later they will realize the realities. As they realize the realities it was already too late and needs some extra penny or extra effort to make the things better. On behalf of everybody clients, workers and business owners I am going to make clear about the hidden expense in the Himalayan Trips especially the trekking in the high mountain area. Most people deal with too good to be true prices which are not at all what they seems like so on top of the price you paid for the trip there will be some extra cost all the time including my business and everyone else’s business in the same industry here in Nepal. My motto is my valuable clients get the right information and plan budget accordingly so they will not get any surprise in the high mountains.

Extra hidden costs which nobody explains well during the trip reservation process are discussed below.


It is very simple nobody lives without water, without food you can live more days than without water, but can you imagine how much will be the cost of bottled water in Everest Base Camp? That is cost you up to $4 a bottle and if you drink only 3 liters a day that would be $12. End of the trip you had spent quiet good amount of money just in the drinking water.  Some high places like Gorakshep even they charge for tap water. You cannot think of life without water so prepare for it.

Hot shower

If you can live with a smell for a week or more you could avoid hot shower, do not imagine taking a cold shower in the high places, it is extremely uncomfortable having cold shower in our cold mountains area. The hot shower is always an extra in client side when you book the trip and that would cost from $1 to $5 per shower depending on where you go in the Himalayan regions. The solar water heating system works up to the elevation of 3000 meters above sea level in the Himalayan regions, some times in the lower elevation where they have solar water heating system you might get it free or very nominal charge. As you go higher the shower price also hike up.

Wi-Fi and battery charging

As you go higher battery drains very fast you need to charge your electronics, you are paying for that. Now in the tea houses in the mountains they have Wi-Fi everywhere even they are quiet slow. Everybody supposed to pay extra to use the Wi-Fi even you are a in house guest there. The charge will be $1 to $3 per device per hour.

Extra blankets

Many places in the Himalayan regions they supply with extra electric blanket to make your sleep comfortable. The blankets will be charged extra and the fee depends with the area. The extra charge will be from$2 up to $5.

Chocolate bars and light snacks

If you are having a sweet tooth a normal chocolate bar go as high as $4 in the high mountains which will also drain your money if you have them 2- 3 a day. Even the energy bars, pies and all types of light snacks are not cheap in the high places.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

Any type of beverage whether they are alcoholic or non-alcoholic they are expensive in the mountains. There are pollution issues so in high mountains like Everest Base Camp glass bottled drinks are not allowed. As the empty bottles are piled up behind the hotels, it is very appreciable that they do not allow glass bottles up there.

Tips and gratuities

Everybody says tips not included but nobody tells you clearly how much is the tips. It might be few dollars a day to sky is the limit depending on the service provided and activities takes. Tip is the only thing it is never too much so I said sky is the limit. We compiled a separate tipping page on our website it might be good idea you can read that page regarding tipping guide lines in the Himalayan countries. Tipping is almost compulsory in any of the trip for Himalayan regions and it is highly appreciable as that is major part of income in many jobs.  

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