Stand at Murikkady Viewpoint and Witness the Panoramic View of the Surroundings with Your Better Half

Stand at Murikkady Viewpoint and Witness the Panoramic View of the Surroundings with Your Better Half

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Honeymoon is one of the most glorious and memorable moments in a couple's life. It is a time when you find out time to understand each other's feelings, emotions and thoughts. Nowadays people are ready to invest a huge amount of money to make the honeymoon more fabulous and memorable. It is not the amount of money you spend on honeymoon but it is the destination and the mind-set of the couples that make the trip exciting and thrilling. When speaking about destination sit does not mean that you have to visit the foreign nations. Even in India, the 29 states are ready to enthral couples’ hearts with sweet memories. The southernmost state of India known as Kerala marvel each and every traveller’s minds with beguiling beauty of nature. Visiting famous places may not give ample chances to enjoy romantic moments. Hence visit the least explored places in Kerala and make your honeymoon into a remarkable one. Murikkady is one of the least visited tourist destinations where you can see the amazing faces of nature. To learn more about it organise a tour to the unexplored region and be part of scintillating nature.


Murikkady is one of the fabulous hill stations situated in the hearts of Idukki district. The place might be unfamiliar for many of the travellers. But I bet there would be no one who hasn’t heard about the famous tourist spot, Thekkady. Situated at a distance of 5 km from Thekkady Murikkady lures traveller’s heart by the picturesque landscapes and misty hill stations enveloped with green carpets of cardamom, tea and coffee. Organising adventure trips to the mighty hills will definitely make your day. The small hamlet offers ample opportunities to explore the magnificent beauty of serene nature. Even before honeymoon much prominence newly married couples used to do boating in tranquil lakes. It is really an awesome moment when you holing your better half’s hand firmly and pedalling the boat. The image itself will induce some romantic moments in you. While boating in the Murikkady Lake you will not only come closer to your partner but also to the untouched beauty of glowing nature. Muirkkady is the perfect destination for adventure enthusiasts. Trekking to Murikkady point will offer you the scintillating panoramic view of emerald nature. Trying out something new and exploring the hidden gem of nature is the part of every honeymoon trips. So when you try out paragliding for the first time at Murikkady point do not miss out any instructions addressed by the professional trainers. When flying high in the air never look down as it may increase fear in you. If paragliding is not included in the honeymoon package ask your travel planner to do so. If he refrains, seek the tour services from Dream Holidays as they are the one who formulates exciting tour packages by including enthralling activities. Travelling to the nearby popular hill station requires hardly one hour. Before moving to the alluring Thekkady do not forget to buy spices and various flavours of tea and coffee from Murikkady.


Thekkady is one of the captivating hill stations sought after Munnar. The region is famous for sheltering the endangered species of wildlife in Periyar wildlife sanctuary situated on the banks of Periyar, the longest river in Kerala. Not only newly married couples but adventure lovers visit the exotic place to dig out the treasure of wonders from nature. You can spot wild animals like tiger and elephant approaching the lake you quench their thirst. It is really an amazing moment to see ferocious animals being calm and harmless. Don’t waste your time staring at them take out your high-resolution camera and capture the lovely images of the same. As aforementioned honeymoon not only means to spend quality time instead it is to make the trip intriguing. As part of it avail of treehouse packages and enjoy the dark view of the silent forest. The humming of owls and bats will make your night more memorable. For time being the bright rays of sunlight and melodious chirps of birds will be your alarm clocks. The enjoyment you receive from treehouse could not be compared with the luxury resorts. In general, the treehouse packages seem to be very costly but it won’t be that expensive as that of airfare to the foreign countries. Hundreds of travellers every year gush to the outstanding Thekkady to enjoy its beguiling beauty. To learn the fascinating features of the ravishing place and to weave romantic days to their married life many newlywed couples avail of honeymoon packages to Kerala.

 When to Visit the Fabulous Murikkady?

If you are ready to traverse the avenues of scenic place during chilly cold buy the tickets to the beautiful Murikkady during the winter season. It is a perfect time to capture the gorgeous view of blooming flowers and towering trees. If you are ready to beat the terrible heat visit the captivating place during summer holidays. During monsoon, the whole surroundings will be painted in lush green colour and the drenched view of nature will delight your eyes and fill your hearts with dazzling images. But it would be hard to practise trekking during heavy downpours.

There are many more noteworthy attractions seen in the Murikkady and nearby places. So what are you waiting for? Purchase the tour packages from Dream Holidays and enjoy the glittering beauty of the scenic place with your better half. If you have any concerns regarding their service without any hesitation contact the customer support team and clarify your doubts. They draft packages to explore the historic monuments and pristine beaches. So don’t be late hurry up grab the packages before it expires.

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If paragliding is not included in the honeymoon package ask your travel planner to do so.

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Not to mention the concrete repair, refurbishment, finishing, and repair services we are famously known for.

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