The Stupendous Kuruwadweep and Popular Adventure Activities of Wayanad

The Stupendous Kuruwadweep and Popular Adventure Activities of Wayanad

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Are the tight office schedules making you frustrated? Do you think you are not getting ample time to spend with your family members? Is the canopy of the metro life stealing your enthusiasm and energy? Then what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and explore the unexplored places in your nearby surroundings. If you think you are really lured and need some kind of rejuvenation then the green hills of Wayanad would be the apt destination for you. The emerald carpet of tea and spices will soothe your mind. Hundreds of people visit the exotic destination to enchant their quality time with dear ones. The district provides a wide array of chances to lure the beguiling beauty of serene nature. There are many praiseworthy places in the district that will marvel your hearts with its picturesque landscapes.


Has anybody ever heard of enjoying adventurous holidays on an island? It is quite sure the answer would be probably NO. A large portion of the island is encompassed with waters. To meet their daily needs most of the people settle down in islands. Kuruwadweep is one of the fascinating islands situated on the banks of the tranquil Kabini River in Wayanad, Kerala. It is one of the few islands that are surrounded by the freshwater on all sides. It is fed by the streams of Mananthavady and Pananmaram. The forest department of Wayanad is very keen on maintaining the cleanliness of the region. Hence it would be the only place in the nation where you can explore the uncontaminated and untouched natural resources. Travellers can discover the incredible beauty of island sprawled in an area of 950 acres by either traverse the picture-perfect landscape or doing rafting in the crystal clear water. While exploring the uninhabited island you can click the amusing images of much-endangered fauna and flora such as butterflies, hornbills, elephants, crocodiles, mongoose, rabbits and flowers like orchids, and various types of herbal plants. Try to get the route map or seek the guidance of experts as there are chances to get lost in the densely populated forest. You can enjoy the magnificent beauty of the slowly following river by buying bamboo rafts from the concerned authorities. Along with you, a group of travellers will also be seen in the raft. Even though the ride will of 10 -15 minutes but the experience it gifts you is really incredible. Try to reach the spot as early as possible because only 200 visitors are entertained at a time on the island. Ask your travel planner to inculcate river safari in your tour packages.

There is no end for adventurous activities in Wayanad. No wonder if the district is called as the abode of enthralling activities. Let us take a glimpse of the daring sports that are popularly seen in the district.

Night camping

I am sure that night camping is not a new term for anyone. Most of the youngsters and newly married couples gush to thickly populated areas to tent a camp in amidst of forest. Spending a night in the middle of emerald plantations will blow your mind. There are many places in the district that seems to a haven for night campers. But if you want to enjoy the soothing aroma from tea meadows and want to lie down by gazing at the twinkling stars Chembra peak will be the perfect destination. Many people, especially from Bangalore, try their best to get the tickets to explore the peak and to spend an exotic weekend. Setting up the bonfire and playing fun games with a group of friends will mesmerise your stressed hearts. The soothing climate will make the destination a paradise for newly married couples. Inculcating night camps in your tour itinerary may hike the price of your packages. But the memories that you gain from the camping could not be compared with anything.


If you are an adventure lover then zip lining would be the correct choice for you. Ziplining is one of the most daring activities in Kerala. Exploring the lush green surroundings by moving on a zipline is really risky. People with strong hearts are wholeheartedly welcomed to practice it. You are supposed to move to other ends of the zip line by covering 350 metres. Zipline activity is mainly practised in the Karlad Lake situated at a few kilometres from Banasura dam. If you are trying the activity for the first time the level of the difficulty will be minimal but if you are an experienced one you can expect the extreme level of difficulty.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is one of the cheapest adventurous activity practised in Wayanad forest. If you are an expert in cycling then take it to high ranges and explore the alluring beauty of unseen nature. While cycling the lofty hills do not forget to carry an enormous amount of water and also snacks with you as the high ranges lack such items. If you are availing of tour services from Gogeo Holidays Mountain biking will be included in the packages and hence you will not have to worry about the device. At the end of the biking halt near the scintillating village which is famous for cultivating various types of spices such as cardamom, pepper, cloves and so on. While exploring the marvellous regions do not forget to carry the camera to click the awesome pictures of the scenic nature.

There are many more stupendous and scenic regions are hidden in Wayanad such as 900 Kandi. The place is least visited by travel lovers. The meandering waterfalls from a huge height situated in the midst of 900 Kandi will steal your hearts. The region is the perfect place to practise adventure events. So what is hindering you to grab the package? If it is the costs then don’t worry Gogeo Holidays formulate the packages at cheap prices for their customers and also ready to customise the itinerary whenever needed. To learn more about their services contact their customer support team at any time.

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