The cooperation of jammers and closed-circuit television gives criminals nowhere to escape

The cooperation of jammers and closed-circuit television gives criminals nowhere to escape

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Nearly 5,118 candidates have applied for 25 food safety officer positions. Barr learned that the exam will be conducted in five centers in Chandigarh. He informed that candidates will be triple biometrically identified, first in the examination room, secondly when tutoring the finalists, and finally when joining the candidates. He said that after reports of false and fake candidates taking the exam, triple biometrics technology has been put in place, and there are high-power jammers behind to prevent cheating.

When explaining the working principle of the wearable device, the researchers said that although these ultrasonic waves are not within the human hearing range, they will leak into the hearing range after being captured by the microphone, thereby generating interference signals inside the microphone circuit and destroying the voice recording. They added: "Leakage is caused by the inherent non-linear characteristics of the microphone hardware." However, the two main advantages of wearable jammers over static jammers are greater coverage and can even block blankets, paper, sheets, etc. Covered microphone.

An intelligence official said that these jammers are based on advanced digital signal processing technology and have the ability to conduct frequency interference against global systems of mobile phones, code division multi-axis and 4G frequency bands. In addition, CID plans to use drones for aerial surveillance in the forest area of ​​the Changba region, which borders Chamu and Kashmir. The border is managed by the Himal al police battalion. In 1998, after Pakistani-trained terrorists shot and killed 36 workers in Karaban and Satrudi villages, the border between Chaba and Chamu and Kashmir became sensitive.

At the time of the interrogation, the arrested young man revealed news about the kingpin. Bikram Singh, a resident of Jawali in the Kangra district, is still at large. During the raid on his house, the police recovered Rupee. 1.1 million cash. The police also seized a car with a Harayan registration number near the test center, and found four vests equipped with electronic devices such as microchips and Bluetooth. In the following days, the police launched another search and arrest operation, arresting the main accused and arresting more people.

The Hinjewadi Ministry of Transportation filed two complaints against a car driver and a two-wheeled motorcycle driver, arguing that they had taken the jammer on the vehicle found by the traffic police in the Hinjewadi prohibited parking area. The first accident occurred on Geometry Hill. The two-wheeler driver parked his bearing number MH 12 KH1191 in a place where parking was prohibited. The two defendants have had two thefts at the Hinjewadi Police Station. The Hinjewadi police station is conducting further investigations into these two situations. They will review the closed circuit television (CCTV) in the surrounding area in an attempt to arrest the culprit.

Police officers in Delhi said they are conducting rigorous security checks on various markets, shopping centers and tourist places in the city, and these people are taking heavy steps. Plain clothes have been posted in these places. A senior police officer said that the local police had checked whether all CCTV cameras were working properly. Police said the Indian Air Force’s radar will also monitor air activities in and around Delhi during the R Day celebrations. The police said that objects flying at low altitude will be monitored, and these objects will not be detected by the radar. An official said that countermeasures against various forms of aerial threats have also been taken with drone jammers.

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