Jammers can solve some simple communication problems

Jammers can solve some simple communication problems

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  The Canadian government has launched a 90-day public comment period to license technology to prevent the inappropriate use of mobile phones in restaurants, theaters and concert halls. With the exception of Israel, technologies that interfere with GPS jammers or jam cell phone signals are banned in most countries. Industry Canada wants to make cellphone silencers available to as many listeners as possible, and Industry Canada in Ottawa wants to help the public decide whether they should consider applying for a license for the devices.
  Canada will decide by the end of the year to change its current licensing policy. This prohibits the use of portable jamming technology by public safety, law enforcement and other government agencies. Public safety is our primary concern as many fire and police departments use the same frequencies as the public telephone system.
  Social pressure can eventually slow down cell phone use in inappropriate places. Over time, society will decide what behavior is acceptable. The Radio Canada Advisory Committee (RABC), an Ottawa-based trade group for equipment manufacturers and service providers, said using the technology would have "legal implications" for Industry Canada and manufacturers of cellphone silencers. The RABC's Mobile and Personal Communications Committee said in part in a position paper published in November: "A denial of service (especially emergency services) can have legal implications for service providers.
  Using a cell phone jammer is "a simple matter". Entrepreneurs must be able to do what they want on their premises. I didn't notice any interference unless their signal went into a common area.
  Properly placed GPS jammers or gsm signal jammer could interfere with signals across the United States, U.S. Department of Homeland Security officials said at a GPS conference in Nashville, Tennessee.
  A 1-watt GPS jammer can cover a medium-sized city, and a tenth of a watt can travel 9.4 miles, or a 1-watt jammer. 29.8. miles, watt jammer is 94.2 miles. Inside GNSS is a magazine about GPS and other satellite navigation systems operated by China, the European Union and Russia. This is called a global navigation satellite system. Consumer GPS jammers in these power levels can be purchased over the internet from most Chinese manufacturers starting at $40.

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precisejammers travel blog images

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