Concrete laser use

Concrete laser use

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In recent years, it seems that one of the main uses of laser pointers is in demonstrations. With the high power laser pointer, presenters can easily point out what they are pointing at on their whiteboard or projector. This may have little effect on healthy people, but it may be a very helpful helper for people with disabilities.

Laser pointer is a great tool for amateur astronomers. They can help you become accustomed to learning what the stars are and the true meaning of each. If you want to learn more about astronomy, consider learning not only for beginners, but also for instructors and astronomers who still use green laser pointers to communicate their findings to students.

Laser show
Maybe it's not the tiny 1 mW laser pointer you imagined, but a big laser pointer can definitely be part of a great light or laser show. You might think the laser show started with electronic music, but it's misunderstood. Pink Floyd can definitely be attributed to the laser show popularized by his wonderful concerts of the 70s. If you have the opportunity, you can watch a laser show on their global tour.


Robotics and research
Perhaps two of the biggest science fiction fantasy lasers and robotics are still used together to study new inventions. If you think an insect-sized laser-powered robot, like me, is super cool, you'll understand the need to combine laser and robot technology. Lasers are widely used not only in the field of robotics but also in other fields of industrial research and education.

Similar to the presentation, both warehouse managers and workers can use the laser at home. The shelves are too high to touch or point at, so place a green laser pointer on your belt to make your life easier. If you have worked in a warehouse, you will often use a laser pointer to point to an inventory of high shelf units. Again, this is another example of a laser pointer that can help reduce stress and increase understanding among people.

Entertaining pets
Of course, you may have found that using laser pointers on cats and dogs is a good way to keep them stimulating. Not all laser pointers are suitable for this operation, but it is important to find a suitable laser pointer to prevent your furry friends from damaging your eyes.

Annoying bird
Believe it or not, fighting off crows is relatively important. Birds can usually reach higher or unwieldy areas that are somehow unreachable. So with a good laser pointer you can get rid of birds very conveniently.

Protect the house
Of course, laser safety systems are a well-known laser application. But have you ever considered using a laser pointer to get rid of intruders? Usually thieves will panic and run away when they see the first sign of someone. Using a laser pointer is a great way to show a thief that you're there without actually seeing it.


Clean the aquarium
Laser pointers are also a great way to clean algae and dolphins in aquariums. In recent years, it has become more and more popular, and it seems that it will become more and more popular in the future.

Go camping
You can operate the laser pointer in various ways during camping. You can use the pointer to fire, call for help, or signal a lesser-known reason. If you do not have a laser pointer available, you can replace the flash.

Fire is not the only thing you can do during camping. You can usually use a high-power laser pointer to cause a fire, but if you haven't done it before, we don't recommend it.

Hiking signal
For many years, Boy Scouts have used laser pointers to direct remote Boy Scouts. You may not think they are used nearby, but if you are on a hill or mountain, a laser pointer may be a good choice for sending signals.

Drive away animals during hunting
I do not claim hunting-it is not my business. But sometimes, hunters use small laser pointers to scare the hidden anus, especially ducks and other birds.

Pet toys
The low power cat laser pointer makes it a sports toy for pets, allowing cats and dogs to run behind light spots, and after a period of time to prevent pets from losing interest in the laser Give a reward.


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fukuyamamidori travel blog images

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