Staying Fresh on the Road

Staying Fresh on the Road

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Appropriate hygiene methods seem to be more important than ever, after the period the whole world has encountered, for the first time in modern age. Some of the advice we will provide will seem redundant to even mention, but the importance of washing your hands regularly and meticulously, for example, simply can’t be emphasized enough and it is an imperative. Germs are everywhere around us, and we have a choice on how to live. If you are all up for safety and keeping yourself healthy and clean, there are some essential steps you can take for precaution and prevention. But let’s explore what happens when you are not in charge of sanitation levels in your surrounding environment.

The most important aspect of staying healthy, and particularly relevant while travelling is self-awareness. By promoting certain values you will not only keep yourself safe, but others around you as well. Be aware of your behaviour, and closely monitor the behaviour of passengers near you. The method of transportation should also influence your behaviour, as trains and busses for example are more likely not to have been sanitized after the previous passengers, while this isn’t the case with most airplane companies. Based on your overall impression of the hygiene level and the number of passengers aboard should you calculate the potential risks and behave in accordance.

If you are feeling under the weather, obviously the first choice is to postpone the trip, but in case you are not able to do so, you should pay special attention. In order not to endanger any other fellow traveller, you must carry anti-bacterial wet wipes, and properly contain any sneezes or coughs that occur. Hand sanitizer is definitely your best friend while on the road, so make sure you are well-packed in this area. There are many surfaces you simply can't avoid to touch while travelling, and the thought of how many people have done the same and with what exactly on their hands can be terrifying. Basically, what makes it so is the fact that no matter how well we take care of our personal hygiene, other people’s negligence can endanger you. So every time you touch the unfamiliar surface, use a hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands, as you will surely touch your face at some point.       

Embracing travel-size hygiene
Most of the germs will find the easiest way to enter your organism through your nasal and oral cavities. This is why you should pay special attention to the hygiene of your face, especially in closed spaces, where everyone’s germs are contained and just floating in the air. Skin care in this area can boost your immune system and help you feel fresh and clean. You won’t be able to maintain your routine while travelling, but should find an adequate solution that can be a temporary solution. You can find various options available, from moisturiser and wet wipes, since you won’t have the luxury of an available and clean bathroom everywhere, to deep cleansing oils and creams.

Another issue which can be problematic while on the go is maintaining your oral hygiene. Bring your toothbrush and a travel-size toothpaste on the road, and carry them in your backpack so that whenever you find the opportunity to thoroughly brush your teeth, to do so. For instances where you are spending a lot of time and having multiple meals in the transportation, public bathrooms probably won’t be a suitable environment for this, so make sure you always carry a chewing gum pack in your bag, as a temporary solution. In case of an emergency happening, find a reliable solution, such as Penrith Dental Clinic offers to get immediate help! Oral hygiene is extremely relevant for your health in general, and so are your routines and habits while travelling. Most of the products you regularly use will have travel-size versions of them, so bringing a mouthwash and flossing as often as you do so while at home are  highly recommended.

And there are some things for ladies only, related to feminine hygiene. Disruption which occurs in your body while changing time zones and climates can influence your cycle as well, so don’t forget to pack all the products you might need. Besides the tampons or pads, you ought to bring along some toilet paper and wet wipes. Also, if you usually need painkillers while PMS-ing or having the period, we are not recommending relying on the kindness of strangers, but rather carrying your own!

The easiest thing to do is make an excuse about your hygiene while travelling, blaming the circumstances. And sometimes, those excuses will be valid. But if you really care about your health, you find an appropriate solution to any problem you might encounter. The fact is, we live in modern times, and you do have a choice. With the recent events concerning global pandemic, we should at least learn one lesson, being taking care of ourselves means taking care of people around us. Just set your priorities, and always bear in mind that other people might not have the same ones. We will leave you on a note that prevention is the best medicine!

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