3 Kids- Friendly Ways to Teach Religious Values Amidst Busy Work Life

3 Kids- Friendly Ways to Teach Religious Values Amidst Busy Work Life

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Nobody can deny my stance that we are breathing in the world of rat race and materialistic pursuits where everyone remains hell busy in the work life.  Every responsible father and working mothers even strive to work round the clock. Why? For the sake of finance security and the better future of their children.

However, amidst these hurries and scurries of this fleeting world, we have forgotten what we have been sent for? What is the actual purpose of life? Are we aware about our divine duties to our Creator? Are we performing a virtuous/rightful upbringing of our children?  As a believer we must never forget that whatever we are sowing in this world (dunya) we have to reap in our other life afterlife.

Through this blog, actually I am willing to request my Muslim parent brothers and sisters to focus on the life’s purpose through the religious upbringing of your little teens. Teach them about your beautiful Islam; raise them by teaching the love of Allah (SWT) and his last Prophet (SAW). Tell them how to incorporate Allah (SWT)’s principles of living as per Holy Quran. Teach them the manners of Salah recitation and its spiritual perks.  I also strongly request you to take a short break from your 9 to 9 work load to plan a once-in-a lifetime spiritual family tour through Umrah in December 2021 in the soothing winters of the coming New Year.

As an optimistic parent, I agree that we have high expectations with our kids. We strive with all our might to pave the financial ways to make them high professionals like doctors, engineers, or lawyers. We remain lured in thinking that these professions make us proud.

I agree that these professions are important for our healthy survival. But we must never forget that the Divine/religious education takes precedence over these worldly affairs.  So prior to even making up your children’ innocent minds for academic goals, I would emphasize you to inculcate the divine teachings to make a strong religious base of your little teens.

3 Simplest Ways to Make the Kids Closer to Islam

Here are the 3 simplest ways that you must or inevitably follow by sparing some time to learn and teach Islamic values to your little captains. It is your mandatory religious responsibility towards them.

Offer Salah with them

You will feel great when you ask kids to offer salah with you.  Teach them how to offer it. If they are unable to grasp the salah verses, ask them to imitate your prayer steps. It’s okay if you manage to spare time for at least one salah. But make this virtuous act your everyday habit.

Along with this, teach them about the spiritual significance of Salah in life and afterlife.

Read Holy Quran with them

After completion of your Salah, spare time to read Holy Quran with your little ones. I don’t say to spend hours in Quran recitation or your lovelies to read their Divine Book. ½ to 1 hour would be sufficient for this mandatory responsibility. In this short span of time recite Holy Quran with your little ones in parts. After the recitation I highly recommend you to teach the meaning of Arabic verses in your own mother tongue. This act would increase their inclination towards the Holiest Book.

Make Dua with their little hands

It would be an inspirational act to connect them with Allah (SWT).  It would also make them aware about the presence of Allah (SWT) and the ultimate reality that He (SWT) is ever-present to listen to our prayers. You can lift your hands for prayer in front of them and ask your child to lift his hands and cup them in yours to make dua. Ask your little one to talk to Allah and ask for anything they want to have in life.


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