5 best places for vacation with your partner in September

5 best places for vacation with your partner in September

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For most people, September signifies going back to school and work, but for others, the lucky ones, it can be just the ideal time for a new vacation. As the peak of the season is over, you can expect fewer crowds at popular destinations while at the same time, the weather is just as nice, if not even better than in July and August, considering that there are no more heat weaves. So, ideal temperatures and less people, just mean the perfect opportunity to pack your suitcases and visit, together with your partner, some of the most beautiful locations worldwide. To help you choose, we bring you a list of the best places you can book for a romantic vacation in September.

One of the most gorgeous destinations for an amorous trip is certainly the magical island of Bali. The weather will be just ideal in early fall, and the breathtaking nature is for you to explore, as well as to enjoy the unique cuisine and numerous landmarks. During the day, you must visit some of the stunning beaches, to relax and recharge. In the evening, you can still have special moments by the ocean, by organizing a romantic dinner on the beach and experiencing a one-of-a-kind sunset. For a more adventurous vacation, opt for a helicopter ride over Bali or go on a horseback ride at the Bali Equestrian Centre. To enjoy some pampering moments with your partner, opt to spend the day at a luxurious infinity pool near the ocean, swimming, sunbathing, and soaking up the beauty of this Indonesian island.

Jervis Bay
Located in the south of Australia, Jervis Bay is famous for its sand beaches and it is considered that there are the whitest sand beaches in the world. Numerous tourists are attracted to this kind of breathtaking beaches and crystal clear waters, especially couples, many of whom decide to choose this place as their honeymoon destination. Thus, you can easily find great Jervis Bay accommodation options for you and your partner, to enjoy not only the stunning nature but also a luxurious holiday rental. You can count on having a goodnight’s sleep and just the perfect place to recharge after an exciting day of swimming, snorkeling, and fishing. Moreover, with a number of great places to eat, you won’t have trouble finding a chic little restaurant for a delicious and romantic dinner with your date. 

Although Italy is always a good place to visit, traveling in September will be the right time for a more private visit, when you can enjoy the scenery and the events without the usual crowds of tourists. The town of Brixen is located in the northern part of Italy and it represents a true melting pot, which is an important part of its charm. Both Austrian and German, and of course, Italian culture, have an influence on the language, cuisine, and cultural events you can see in this stunning place. In September, the Südtiral Festival Merano takes place, so don’t miss to hear live some of the famous classical pieces performed by artists from different countries. Other amazing activities you can opt for in the early days of autumn include guided tours of Brixen and the nearby area, biking, as well as apple picking.

A true “Turkish delight”, Istanbul is certainly a city welcoming to visitors from all around the world, but especially attractive to couples. Great hotels, great restaurants, and picturesque walks by the ocean are just ideal for a honeymoon or a much-needed vacation. Istanbul is famous for being the city spreading on two continents, Europe and Asia, which has a lot of influence on its enchanting architecture, culture, and cuisine. A good idea is to spend some romantic moments in a little café, enjoy a cup of aromatic Turkish coffee and of course, a few delicious Turkish delights. Afterward, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Hagia Sophia, The Blue Mosque, and other well-known attractions of Istanbul. In addition, you may want to relax and do a bit of shopping, as this city is also known for its amazing high-fashion designer shops. 

A romantic holiday can also be full of fun adventures, and there is no better place for such an endeavor than stunning Kenya. If you go in September, you are choosing just the right time to relax on the sandy beaches and the amazing coastline of the Indian Ocean, but can also snorkel and scuba dive. Feed and get to know the Rothschild's giraffes at the AFEW Giraffe Center near Nairobi, take a guided trip to one of the tops of Mount Kenya, explore Mombasa's Old Town, and do so much more in this breathtaking destination. You and your partner are guaranteed to make many new experiences and memories.

Finally, use the beauty of early autumn to enjoy these splendid locations. See that September is actually the best month for a romantic holiday. 

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