Turn on the jammer and connect it to power for it to work

Turn on the jammer and connect it to power for it to work

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  Jammers can be simple circuit boards with a few components, or more complex devices, including antennas and other circuits to provide more reliable results. The most advanced models are also capable of jamming multiple frequencies simultaneously, which enables them to handle any type of signal within an area, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and more.
  The technology of cell phone jammer is easy to understand. Jammers emit radio signals on the same frequency as cell phones and can interfere with the signal. When a user calls someone, their phone transmits their voice or data through cell towers. If a jammer is nearby, it can disrupt communication between the mobile device and cell towers.
  Also, when you're using your phone where there's no signal, such as inside a building or in an underground subway, your phone may try to search for an alternative network by connecting directly to another phone nearby. This allows someone who wants to prevent you from using your device to put themselves within range of these conversations and listen to what you have to say via a Bluetooth device.
  A portable cell phone jammer that can be hidden in a purse, briefcase or pocket. These devices can be used to block the signal during meetings, exams, or other situations where you want to prevent others from using your phone.
  Fixed location jammers, mounted on the ceiling of construction projects, are used to block all cell phone signals in the building while working in the field.
  To use the cell phone jammer, you need to connect your phone's power supply to the device. If you're using electricity as your power source, you'll have an easier time turning on your cell phone jammer.
  GPS jammers are used to block satellite navigation systems such as those that help you find your way in a new city or help your smartphone pinpoint its location.
  If you just want to take a break from technology and want to avoid being tracked by others, consider using a distraction device. They are designed with this purpose in mind.
  GPS jammers work by emitting radio waves on the same frequencies as satellite navigation systems. Radio waves interfere with the signal, preventing the receiver from receiving the signal. Signals can be blocked at a certain location or at a moving vehicle.
  If a jammer is strong enough, it can block the signal from a location or even a moving vehicle. Interfering with satellite signals is not easy because it requires a lot of power. This means they are very large and bulky, making them difficult to hide or use in a moving vehicle.
  GPS jammers – A separate device that only blocks GPS signals, typically used by drivers who want the police to track their journeys but don’t want to monitor their vehicles in any other way. They're also used in cars that already have GPS systems built in, so others can't see where they're driving or how fast they're driving at certain points on the trip.

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precisejammers travel blog images

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