Do You Need a Case for Your iPhone or Android?

Do You Need a Case for Your iPhone or Android?

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It seems like commonplace experience which you want to position your new telephone right into a protective case the very second you take it out of the field, but you don’t usually want an iphone 11 cover or an iPhone 12 cover ?

Phones Are Built Tougher Than Ever.
Smartphone manufacturers don’t design smartphones with instances in thoughts. It’s a tool that’s been created for use as it comes from the box. Sure, the add-ons marketplace is really worth a lot of cash and the organisation that makes your smartphone will happily sell you a case for it, but nowhere inside the assurance or guide does it say that you need to have a case (or display protector) to your cellphone.

The phone’s internal body, body substances, and display glass are all made to take day by day wear and tear. It’s also designed to get up to some of more violent accidents. Typically, phones will live functional, with possibly a few beauty harm, after falling from hip or table peak onto a difficult floor. If you’re losing that phone onto a carpet, you've got even less to fear approximately.


Companies like Apple and Samsung spend hundreds of thousands and millions of bucks developing better glass, metal, and polycarbonate materials to red meat up cellphone sturdiness. Yes, technically it does enhance damage protection, but is it worth it? Compounded onto this is which you’ll by no means know if your case definitely stored your phone from a drop or no longer and while your case fails to save you catastrophic damage, you’re in the same situation as having had no case in any respect.

Phone Cases Can Ruin a Phone’s Ergonomics and Aesthetics
Modern smartphones are thin, mild, beautiful, and a satisfaction to preserve. They’re made from premium materials and have attractive designs and hues. None of which topics if you placed the phone into a case.


Yes, even the thinnest silicon phone cases takes faraway from the intended experience of using the device. That’s a good argument for skipping the case.

Does Resale Value Really Matter?
Many human beings try to take unique care in their phones due to the fact they’d like to resell them for a better rate when the time to upgrade comes. While you could clearly get extra money for a phone that’s in exact circumstance as compared to one with scratches and different forms of cosmetic harm, it’s controversial whether that boom within the sale fee is worth depriving your self of the whole leisure of your cellphone whilst you own it. You’re successfully proscribing your personal amusement for the gain of a hypothetical destiny purchaser.

Smartphones depreciate in fee so quickly that once  or three years, they'll be really worth more as a backup phone or as a gift passed on to a child or member of the family than something you’d promote on Craigslist. Keeping your cellphone in an excellent situation isn’t a awful path, however taking measures to maintain the smartphone pristine that impact usability these days for a indistinct future aim is possibly much less sensible.

Insurance Is an Option.
If your phone is part of a backed carrier plan, it in all likelihood either consists of coverage or you’ve been supplied the choice to add insurance to your monthly price. This can be for theft, damage, loss, or all 3.

Theft coverage is something we suppose all and sundry must have, however loss and harm insurance is regularly bundled with theft insurance or may be taken in addition to it. Carefully test the paperwork and spot what your alternatives are.

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PaigeJenkins January 5th, 2023

This IP68 Certified Waterproof Galaxy S23 Ultra Case is perfect for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G (6.8"). This slim-fitting case has an IP68 rating, so you can keep your phone protected from any water or dust that may get in through the charging port, headphone jack, or camera.
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PaigeJenkins December 6th, 2022

Of course, everyone wants a cover for their phones these days, I think that's standard practice. Indeed I don't think there ever has been more demand for an Iphone case than there is currently. Everyone just seems to want a case these days.

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