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On the website flight-radar.org we provide an interactive world map on which a large number of commercial flights can be tracked. All aircraft movements detected by the radar can be followed live on the selected map section. By simply clicking on one of the aircraft icons, information on the respective flight is displayed. For example, you can see the model and type of the aircraft, its current position, altitude and cruising speed. Of course, you will also see where the aircraft took off from and which destination airport it is heading to. Tracking flights in real time is interesting for very different target groups. On the one hand, friends and relatives can use the flight radar to see whether their loved ones have arrived safely at their destination. On the other hand, the flight radar is also used by aircraft enthusiasts, such as plane spotters. They can use the interactive map to see when which aircraft will land where, so they can leave for the airport in good time and plan their next photos.

Real-time flight tracking is thus conceivable and also useful for many different missions. Thus, we can expect the interest in flight radar to continue to grow strongly in the future. Please take a look at the respective language version on our website or recommend us to others.

By the way, the website with the interactive map can be used on desktop devices as well as on mobile devices. So you can also call up and use the flight radar from your smartphone.

On our website we offer information in the following languages:
Flight Radar en français
Flight Radar en español
Flight Radar auf deutsch
Flight Radar in italiano
Flight Radar po polsku
Flight Radar em português
Flight Radar in het Nederlands
Flight Radar dalam bahasa Indonesia

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flightradar travel blog images

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