Top 5 Adventure Sports in Ladakh

Top 5 Adventure Sports in Ladakh

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Pro Tips for Trying Adventure Sports -

●      Understand the safety concern associated with each adventure sport.
●      Not all adventure sports are adequate for children. However, camel safari and jeep safari are suggested.

Who doesn't want to make their vacay thrilling in Ladakh hills? Everyone does! We people are not just made for exploring monasteries in Ladakh and camping in Ladakh, are we? There lives a true adventurer inside us all whose love for experiencing the adventure sports in Ladakh is unmatched. If you are high on adrenaline, Ladakh is one such place to go!

 We have rounded up the top adventure sport you must try on the Ladakh tour package - read on! And thanks to us, later!

 1. Conquer The Terrain By Riding Mountain Biking

 If you are like me, whose idea of taking a Ladakh trip includes unlocking thrilling adventure, you must think of Mountain Biking in Ladakh. It's a mecca for mountain biking lovers due to its presence, which is in between Karakoram and Zanskar mountain ranges. Feel the mountain air hitting your face and the sounds of the fluttering flags while crossing the pictorial mountain passes. On your journey, several snow-covered Himalayan mountain ranges will be your backdrops.

Tariff: Mountain biking in Ladakh starts @ INR 15000 onwards.

2. Fly Without Wings By Trying Paragliding

Imagine flying like a bird and enjoying the panoramic 360 degrees Ladakh views. You could enjoy such an experience in Ladakh. Try flying without wings and manifest your desire to fly high free up in the sky like an eagle. Usually, the best time to try paragliding in Ladakh is June to October. But upon weather conditions, you can try paragliding in Ladakh at any time of the year.

3. Embark On Trekking

Your idea of trekking incorporates passing through high passes and mountain ranges. But in Ladakh, trekking is personified differently. When you choose to trek in Ladakh places like Nubra Valley, Markha Valley, and Chadar trek in Ladakh, you will learn about the historical and cultural aspects of the specific region in which you are trekking. If you want to marvel at the sky roaring Himalayan ranges, trekking in Ladakh is the best option.

Tariff: Best is to book online trekking tours and compare the price in advance.

4. Explore On Quad Biking

Do you consider yourself a thrill-seeker? If yes, then try Quad Biking on your Ladakh package. There's nothing better than spending a few bucks and exploring the terrains of Ladakh on ATV. Such rides give you full control over crossroads, which will kick the adrenaline in you if you are a wild and challenging adventure sports lover. One could pick Magnetic Hill and Nubra Valley for a Quad Biking ride.

5. Ride The Rapids And Try River Rafting

You might agree with us if you are an adventurous soul that riding the rapids of the river is one of the first adventure sports we fantasize about in our childhood. Isn't it? Manifest this now on your Leh Ladakh trip and swing by for a dose of adrenaline to enjoy stream boating where mesmerizing views will amaze you! This experience will allow you to encounter and appreciate stretches in Indus Stream. We suggest you ask for the less challenging stretch upstream, which goes from Spituk to Karu - if you are a first-timer.

Tariff: Starts @ INR 2000 onwards.

Now that we have tempted you enough already, when are we heading over to Ladakh? Choose your favorite adventure, sports, and contact Go2Ladakh for affordable Ladakh trips!

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gotoladakh travel blog images

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