Introduction and function of blue laser

Introduction and function of blue laser

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Why are cats interested in lasers
Cats like laser pointer. A little moving light is as interesting as a hanging string. Although it is fun to watch cats chase the laser pointer around the room, humans are no better than cats when it comes to moving points. Just like cats, we view certain forms of small dot movement as signs of life. Sometimes, we see human movement, motivation and emotion in the movement of inanimate shapes. A single leaf fluttering in the breeze can confuse us-is it a butterfly, a bird?

To my surprise, it turns out that there are a variety of laser engraver toys that can be used for cat entertainment. Although some require you to manipulate the pointer, some are automated. It is worth checking the functions and choosing a laser toy that suits your cat. Some are simple gadgets, while others have multiple other uses

All these studies with moving points highlight the deep biases in the human cognitive system. We are ready to see life. The animated action attracts our attention. We quickly and easily attribute motives and emotions. We are chasing the cat with the blue laser pointer.

Why do cats like laser toys? Let's start with their vision. Cat's eyes are very good at speeding up movements, they cannot resist any movement. Therefore, it makes sense that tiny, bright, fast-moving lights will make some cats strongly involved.

However, laser toys also have problems. Some cats are absolutely obsessed with chasing small red dots, and when the dots disappear, they may become frustrated, leaving them empty. Cats need the satisfaction of catching prey.

Therefore, experts recommend that you replace the toy that the cat can actually "kill" to end the laser pointer game. After playing with the laser for a few minutes, switch to a magic wand or a plush catnip toy so that your cat can turn teeth and paws into tangible things. If you choose an automatic laser toy, it should be a toy that shuts down at a fixed time so that your kitten will not be over-stimulated.

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