How to Choose the Best Load Game for Your Playstation 3

How to Choose the Best Load Game for Your Playstation 3

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Playstation 3 owners looking to keep their PS3 working at top performance often find themselves searching for the best PS3 load game. However, choosing the best load game can be difficult, especially because there are so many different options to choose from and because many of these options are difficult to differentiate from one another at first glance. As you search for the best PS3 load game, keep these tips in mind. These tips will help you choose the best load game based on price, quality, and features.

Can I keep my save file?
It's important to note that using a different load game or turning off your PS3 will delete your saved data. In other words, every time you turn off your console, use a different load game, or change settings on the system, it'll be like you just turned on a brand-new system. This means that all of your save files will be gone. To ensure that this doesn't happen by accident, it's best to simply keep every single one of them safe and away from harm. Thankfully this is actually quite easy to do. All you need is a good USB stick with plenty of space. These days they're so cheap and easily accessible that there's really no excuse not to have one at home already!

Can I use the same memory card?
Although it is possible, some PS3 systems will not allow two different games to be played on the same memory card at once. If you don't have a spare card or want to maintain a single save game file, it may be best just to purchase one new card. It would be important, however, that any information already stored on your original card is backed up before beginning this process as data cannot be transferred from one system to another. It's also important that your new memory card has enough free space for both games. Once you have decided which game should go onto which card, write down any saves and download those files onto your computer before erasing them from either of your cards.

Can I play online?
Yes, PS3 games are designed to work in both multiplayer and single-player modes. To be able to play online you need a PlayStation Plus membership, which you can purchase yearly or monthly. You may also want a gaming headset, which is recommended for all voice chat. If you have roommates who are always playing their own games in the same room as you then it's best not to buy a noisy console like an Xbox One or Wii U because you will have no peace and quiet in your personal space!

Should I get an external hard drive?
If you're using your console exclusively as a gaming device, we recommend backing up your saved data at least once a week. However, if you use other features on your console- like Netflix or even Youtube- you should back up your data more often than once a week. You should also take into account how much time you spend playing on your console when deciding how often to back up data. If you use it all day every day and log over six hours each day of gameplay, then weekly backups will work just fine for most cases.

When should I back up my saved data?
Most Playstation 3 consoles now come with a built-in 250 GB hard drive, which is more than enough space for most users. If you need extra space, there are a few options. A common approach is to get an external hard drive and put your data on it. You can also buy and install an additional internal hard drive inside your PS3, but this is not always the best option because it may not have as much storage as an external hard drive and it can be difficult installing one yourself.

Which USB cable do I need?
Since there are so many different USB cables out there, we've compiled a quick and easy guide to figuring out which one you need. With PlayStation 3 โหลดเกมส์ cases, they only accept certain USB cables, so pay attention when purchasing your new PS3 load game!
USB cable A is typically used in most common devices such as your cellphone charger or computer. This is good for gaming consoles too as it carries less current than some of the other types of USB cables.

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