Sonkly Massage Bed Manufacturers

Sonkly Massage Bed Manufacturers

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If you want to buy a Sonkly Massage Bed, you should know that it is customizable and fully automatic, allowing you to set the sitting and lying positions. It is also ergonomically designed, with six motors for free positioning. This bed helps you lie flat at 180 degrees. But how do you choose the right one?

Sonkly Massage Bed
The SONKLY luxury therapy bed is designed for the ultimate in comfort and convenience. The bed is fully adjustable from 24 inches to 34 inches in height and has a motorised height and angle control. There are 6 fully automatic motors on the bed that allow you to customize the bed to fit your specific body size and comfort. The bed is ergonomically designed with a high density foam padding and PU leather covering for a soft, odourless feel.

Customised with fully automatic 6 motors for free setting of sitting and lying positions
The SONKLY luxury Wholesale Massage Table is ergonomically designed with 6 motors that allow the user to lay flat at 180 degrees. It also has motorised height and angle adjustments. This fully automatic bed is equipped with a PU leather odour-free cover and high-density foam padding for ultimate comfort.

Customised with ergonomically designed to lie flat at 180 degrees
Ergonomic design refers to the way that the product is designed to fit the human body. The beds are ergonomically designed to allow the user to lie flat at 180 degrees, and many are adjustable for different levels of support. The tables can be lowered to a comfortable level for clients with mobility issues, or raised to accommodate an elderly client. The adjustable table angles help the esthetician customize the bed for their clients. This ergonomic design is important for the esthetician's health as poor ergonomics can lead to work strain injuries and back pain.

A folding headrest is integral to the massage bed. The folding headrest includes a cushion attached to an upper plate and a rotatable mounting mechanism. The lower plate is attached to the mattress or box spring by Right and Left Hinges 8. The upper plate can be rotated by 180 degrees.

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Ikramsharif123 travel blog images

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