How do you write a narrative essay?

How do you write a narrative essay?

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How to write a narrative essay

There are many kinds of essays that you can write in high-school and college. A narrative essay is one of the simplest types of academic essays. It is written like a story. Here's how to create an essay that is impressive.

Narrative Essay Format

A 5 paragraph narrative essay will typically have one introduction, three main body paragraphs, and one concluding paragraph. You can alter the number and narrative essay topic of the body paragraphs.

It typically has five elements: plot and characters, setting, conflict, theme, conflicts, and theme.


The plot is what you want to tell in your story. It refers to the sequence of events that occur in your story.


The setting is where the event occurred. It could be your home or school.


Characters are those people who were involved in the incident. Each person must be mentioned, regardless of whether they are the main or secondary characters.


Conflict is the problem the characters have to solve during an incident. An incident that causes tension in the plot can be considered conflict.


The essay's theme explains the story's overall purpose as well as the writer's motivations for picking the topic.

Below is an example essay that will provide you with a deeper understanding of the elements discussed above.

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Your professor has finally given you the most exciting of assignments - a narrative essay. You already know how to write it, but now you have to come up with a good topic. And suddenly your brain grounds to a halt. There have been many fun and exciting events in your life, but none of them make for cool narrative essay topics. Before you throw in the towel, let us give you a quick tour of the best options. You are sure to find inspiration somewhere along the way!

Five Types of Narrative Essay Topics
Some say that there only two topics in the world, and all movies, books, and songs use a variation of those. War and love are the major topics, according to some, while others believe the only two storylines are “A stranger comes to town” and “Let’s go on an adventure”. Seeing as your essay is basically a short story, we’ll use these as narrative essay ideas with a twist.

Narrative Essay Topics. The Adventure
Harry Potter, Frodo, and Tony Stark all left the comfort of their homes to brave the unknown, experience life and come back better and stronger. Narrative essay topics for college students and high schoolers can range anywhere from the time you ran away from home at a tender age of five to the hitchhiking trip across Europe you took during the gap year.

Here is a short list of ideas to jumpstart your writing journey:

The time you and your team traveled to an away game.
The worst things about moving from one city to another.
Your favorite family vacation everyone else hates.
The unexpected pleasures of traveling on your own.
The missteps you made on your first ever trip abroad.
How travel broadens our mind and widens our horizons.
The visit to the ancient city.
Narrative Essay Topics. The Conflict
Every good book or movie is riddled with conflict and stress. A story without problems and friction is bland and boring. So think about all the times you were yelling angrily, about the worst fights you witnessed or the issues you ran into because of ignorance. Add more than one conflict into your narrative essay to make it as exciting as the first “Saw” movie.

Use these topics as samples to model:

The time you had to make a tough choice in one minute.
How a popular kid turned into an outsider and back again.
The stupid reasons for your fight with your best friend.
How the “keep calm and carry on” strategy worked for you in high school.
When and why did your fear of flying emerge for the first time?
Narrative Essay Topics. The Lesson
Among all the experiences you’ve had in the course of your life, some stand out. These are the most trying times when you had to make a difficult choice or overcome a difficulty. After such events, you become a better person. This type of narrative essay topics for college students is very similar to reflective essay titles. The difference lies in the writing style. While narrative papers tend to concentrate on the events and timeline, reflective essays should focus on the writer’s emotions, thoughts, and struggles.

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