Sar Pass trek

Sar Pass trek

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The trail is truly mesmerizing, enhanced by a handful of gurgling streams, Sar pass trek and they have to cross the frozen waters of the Parvati river on their way to the serene little hamlet of Pulga.

Beautiful green meadows, quaint towns, and the spectacular slide after the pass will honor you, although the climb is tiring at some moments. The trial, however, needs a degree of fitness, and the minimum age for joining is 14 years.

There is a great deal of suspense, excitement, and thrill involved when you go on the Sar Pass trek. Sar Pass Trek, situated at an altitude of 13,800 ft in the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh, Kullu district, is suitable for those who want to experience all the beauty that nature has to offer. The Himalayas have persisted, since time immemorial, to inspire the human race.

On your path to Sar Pass, many incredible views await you, from towering peaks to lush green meadows and spectacular valleys with crystal clear streams. Coniferous trees, rhododendron plants, and vibrant flowers often imitate the sublime beauty that makes this place look like a pre-lapsarian Eden world.
Trek to Sar Pass: The Lows and the Peaks

The starting point for trekking to Sar Pass is Kasol, which serves as a base for most of the trekking routes in Himachal Pradesh. The city is renowned for providing a chance to enjoy authentic Israeli cuisine. The first day of the journey starts with a trek from Kasol to Grahan village. Initially, following the trail seems easy and allows one to cover a great deal of distance in a couple of hours. However, the gentle gradient of the trail begins to turn as soon as it becomes a little rocky and steep after crossing the river, Grahan Nalah. Grahan village, located at the top of the hill, will be visible after a steep climb of about an hour.

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Anishatripathi travel blog images

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