TRIUND TREK : The Treasure Chest Of Himachal Pradesh

TRIUND TREK : The Treasure Chest Of Himachal Pradesh

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For a city dweller, nothing could be more relaxing and joyful than travelling to hills filled with lush greenery and fresh air! Triund, such enchanting beauty and harmony can be seen in the 'Crown Jewel of Dharamshala,' Triund. Triund trek: Unraveling the Himachal Pradesh Treasure Chest. Triund is beautifully positioned between the laps of the Dhauladhar Ranges of Himachal Pradesh and the captivating Kangra Valley, with all its natural appeal and majesty. Triund is also one of India's most popular destinations for youth trekking, and attracts lakhs of adventure lovers from around the world. The tricky terrain and curves offer a great treasure trove to their trekkers.

One of the most popular treks over the weekend from Delhi and Chandigarh is the Triund Trekking

It is also very picturesque, with breathtaking views of the snow-covered ranges of the Kangra valley and Dhauladhar.Maybe it's the best Himalayan trek you can do on your own.

Triund is the perfect place for those seeking a hassle-free taste of trekking in the Himalayas. Over the weekend, you can easily make the drive.

The trail is short to Triund Trekking, but steep. The steep climb is balanced by relaxing walks among the rhododendron and oak trees. There are also many songbirds in the forests along the trail, making it the joy of a birdwatcher.

That's why you need to pack a bag for Triund.

With magnificent monasteries furnished with beautiful cloisters, Buddha's idols, wheels, and banners of supplication, Triund portrays the vibrant and distinctive Tibetan culture. While on the trek to Triund, you can witness some of the finest views of the lush green mountain ranges, white clouds and dense forests.

Notably, the Triund trek is a steep climb of over 1,100 m. It's neither a long trek nor a hard one. From Galu Temple, it only takes about 3 hours to enter Triund. The steep climbing route starts at the last 2 km of the Snowline Café, which means the trek is very hassle-free.

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roshinisharma96 travel blog images

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