30+ Exciting Argumentative Essay Topics For Your Next Essay Assignment

30+ Exciting Argumentative Essay Topics For Your Next Essay Assignment

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Most students stumble and reach out to a professional Essay Help for assistance.

Students Essay conclusion to avert the entire essay writing process's stress. While essay writing needs proper planning and skills, we can help you list exciting essay topics.

Each of these topics is handpicked by top-ranked Homework Help and essay writers and is suitable for writing a well-structured essay. Good luck with the list.

1. What’s according to you is the right age to vote?

2. What’s the appropriate age to start drinking and smoking?

3. Which is more critical - foreign language or physical education?

4. Why is affirmative action fair?

5. Is public prayer okay in schools with students of different religions?

6.  Are schools responsible for low grades?

7. Should there be greater gun control?

8. Production and sales of tobacco should be illegal.

9. The death sentence can reduce crime.

10. Smoking in public places should be penalized.

11. Should alcohol usage be controlled?

12. Which recent political decision has been influential in the US?

13. How does campaign finance reform work?

14. Is capitalism ideal for the current economic system?

15. Is socialism the best economic system?

16. Girls are too mean and cunning.

17. Homework is the main reason for stress and anxiety among students.

18. Is the cost of higher education abroad too high?

19. Is college/university admission in American institutions too competitive?

20. Euthanasia should be illegalized.

21. Is the US tax system fair?

22. Animals should have equal rights as humans.

23. Congress members should have term limits. Yes or no.

24. Are actors and top-ranked professionals paid too much?

25. CEOs are overpaid for the little that they do.

26. Do violent video games affect children's behaviour?

27. Do beauty pageants set wrong examples?

28.  Should English be the official language around the globe?

29. Should same-sex marriage be legalized?

30. Is religion the root cause of war?

31. Legalizing abortions

32. Should governments worldwide legalize marijuana use?

33. Which party has the right political ideology?

34. How to reduce income inequality?

35. Boredom and illiteracy are the leading cause of overpopulation in underdeveloped and developing countries.

36. Is America ready for a female president?

And there you go! Bookmark this list and refer to it whenever the need arises


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