5 Unexplored Places in Ladakh

5 Unexplored Places in Ladakh

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Feeling proud that you explored the best places to visit in Ladakh? Congrats! But the real essence of any destination lies in its offbeat and unexplored places. Isn’t it true? If you resonate with us, don’t stick to the same old spots. Instead, book your Leh Ladakh tour package and explore these 5 less traveled yet interestingly unexplored places in Ladakh in 2021. Let’s dive into what Ladakh holds within its belts other than the Pangong Lake, Shanti Stupa, and Chadar Trek.


Sumur is another charming hamlet of Ladakh which is unexplored but you should discover its breathtaking beauty. Located in the Nubra Valley, Sumur is the crowning glory of Nubra Valley which is in general used for double-humped Bactrian camel safari. There is a 150 years old monastery in the village. Visit the gompa to watch thanksas and intricate frescos after prayer attending season. You can take romantic strolls through the yellow-coloured mustard fields for speechless romance on the Ladakh honeymoon trip. From photography’s perspective, you will have the backdrops of Ladakh snow-clad mountains. The village inhabitants are Buddhist so you can take mediation lessons from them. Did we mention homestays are available in Sumur Village? Take a shared cab or private taxi from Leh (117 kilometers/4 hours) approx. to reach this hidden paradise in Nubra Valley.


Upshi is a picturesque village on the main road junction of Leh Manali highway. It is not on the touristy radar but should be because Upshi is home to around 150 people who are supposed to be the most hospitable locals of Ladakh. One could witness the soaring Himalayas from Upshi Village. This place should be on your itinerary if you are taking a Ladakh bike trip. Upshi could be a wonderful halt point on Leh Manali Highway.

Panamic Hot Spring

The hot spring village of Ladakh is undeniably the least explored destination. Panamic is a village which is famous for its hot sulphur springs. Legends of this hidden village depict that the hot springs have therapeutic properties that cure skin diseases. Therefore, those who visit Panamic village find it an utterly rejuvenating experience. This village is located at an elevation of 10,442 ft  (approx.) and boasts outstanding snow-clad views of the Ladakh mountains.  Moreover, a trek to the Ensa Monastery starts from Panamic Village. The average distance between Leh to Panamic Village is 150 kilometres (approx.)


A cup of tea with a good book in hand is all you need in the charming hamlet of Turktuk. It is the last village located on the Indo-Pak border, just 3 kilometres (approx.) from the Line of Control between India and Pakistan. Touted to be one of India's most beautiful villages, Turktuk is surrounded by the Karakoram mountains, which gives it a picturesque appeal. The village is bestowed with apple orchards where you can trek through. You need to obtain Inner Line and Outer Line Permit to visit Turktuk as it is one of the 4 Balti villages controlled by the Indian Administration. Homestays are the best option in Turktuk in terms of affordability. From waterfalls to monasteries to Baltli Museum, enrich yourself with memorable experiences in this northernmost village of Ladakh.


Lamayuru always remains on the top of the Ladakh tourism chart. A charming hamlet in Ladakh that deserves special attention in your Ladakh tour package itinerary, Lamayuru is on the way from Kargil to Leh. Often Lamayuru is called the moonscape for wanderlust souls due to its flabbergasted geographical formations like moonlike crates. Famous for its old-aged Lamayuru Monastery, legends of this village in Ladakh depict that it was once a pristine lake that is now dried up. The village of Lamayuru is 137 kilometres (approx.) from Leh. Several trekking trails start from Lamayuru. So it goes without saying that this village is a paradise for hikers.


Unlock respite from the cold and freezing weather of Ladakh at Chumthang Village, located 140 kilometres (approx.) from Leh. This is another village you will discover on the Ladakh bike tour to Leh to Tso Moriri Lake. The hot water springs of Chumthang have a high content of sulphur. You can bathe at the therapeutic hot springs and even stay at the guesthouses present here.

Don’t you think Ladakh was just made to grace picture postcards? If you prefer nature rather than partying, keep an eye out at our best-selling Ladakh tour packages.

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