The Best Things To Do On Rottnest Island

The Best Things To Do On Rottnest Island

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Rottnest has been one of Western Australia’s most popular holiday destinations for decades thanks to its world class beaches, cute quokkas, beautiful bike rides, beachside bars and more.

Read on below for what to see/do and where to eat, drink and stay, and before visiting the island we strongly encourage you to do some reading on Rottnest Island’s cultural history, including its time as an Aboriginal-only prison camp.


Quokka Selfies

We know, we know it’s played out – but we bring it up first just as a reminder to treat the cute little buggers with respect! It can be tempting to try and bend them to your Instagram-worthy will, but don’t touch ’em, don’t feed ’em, and if the magic happens, it happens.


Rottnest Island is home to some incredible surf breaks and some much bigger ones than Perth thanks to hogging all the offshore swells. With that in mind most breaks are definitely for more experiences wave riders, with Strickland Bay, Stark Bay, Chicken Reef and Rotto Box being some of the more popular. Thanks to be it being an island, you can usually find somewhere around the place with the right wind conditions too.


Thanks to its Class A Reserve status, Rottnest Island is a recreational fishers paradise, with fish of all shapes and sizes to be caught all over the island. Of course, its integral to stay within legal limits, so make sure you read up on the Rottnest Fishing Guide and make sure you don’t bring any spearfishing or net-fishing equipment.

Snorkelling & Diving

While Rotto is a fisherman’s paradise, that doesn’t even come close to how incredible it is for those wanting explore under the sea! Given the marine sanctuary status around the waters off the island, the variety of fish, rays, dolphins, seals and more that frequent the waters is unparalleled in WA. You can snorkel off the beach in popular spots like The Basin or Little Salmon Bay, or go for more experienced dives amidst the stunning coral reefs. There are plenty of dive and snorkel operators on the island who will help you see the wonders of the sea.

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