5 things every fitness beginner needs to know

5 things every fitness beginner needs to know

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Everyone wants to be a gym rat and build a physique like a greek god,  but the reality is different, most of them don't know that gym can be tiring and exhausting, without the right motivation and willpower you wont even last a week in the gym. So here are the 5 things which every fitness beginner needs to know before joining the gym. 

Newbie to equipments:

It is the first day of your gym and it's easy to get intimidated by all the fancy equipment. If you can try to hire a personal trainer, if not ask the common trainer who is present in the gym. Most of the gym in Chennai have common trainers who are professional in the field of fitness training. They provide a workout routine which can give you a muscular physique within a reasonable period of time. 

Type of training:

The common mistake done by people who want to lose weight is that they focus more on cardiovascular training and often ignore the training. Even though treadmills, stair steppers and stationary cycles can burn more fats, it's the weight training that stimulates metabolism which will help in fat burning. Trying to lift weights three to four days a week can help you to change the composition of your body swiftly. On the contrary if a person needs to gain weight and build a muscular body. They should focus more on weight lifting

How many days to workout in a week?:

This is one of the most commonly asked questions from people who want to join a gym. To answer this question, this completely depends on your fitness limit, goals and time limitations. If you’re trying to become a professional bodybuilder you have to alot two hours in a day for six days in a week. But you’re a person who has a job and has to provide quality time for your family, in that case you have to go to the gym for at least one hour three days a week inorder to get a consistent result. The gym in Bangalore helps you organize your workout routine so that you can manage your time and also help in getting your desired physique. 

Climbing the supplement bandwagon:

This is the most common mistake done by every fitness rookie who is trying to take additional supplements in the beginning itself. At first everyone must focus on creating a clear cut fitness routine and diet plan, then they should work on it for at least 2 months. Then after getting the approval of your trainer slowly add supplements to your fitness routine. Even Though most of the gyms try to sell their supplements to newcomers before they even start their workout routine, the gym in Mumbai always puts forth the health of their clients and does not sell nor recommend additional supplements to them. 

Non-workout activities:

Trying to add another fitness activity other than gym is always a good thing whether it is going for a run, swimming, hiking or even dancing in this case. Try to add a fitness activity which helps to build your cardiovascular system and also make you happy so that it also aids your mental health. You can do the thing which you love instead of running on the treadmill for an hour.

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