Car Cleaning Tips to Give It a New-like Look

Car Cleaning Tips to Give It a New-like Look

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Your car is the manifestation of your personality. If your car remains in bad condition, your vehicle will not reflect your personality perfectly. It is why car cleaning is pretty essential. You have worked hard to purchase your car on the testing and tough road conditions, and you need to take care of it with the best accessories. However, if you don't have a car and recently took the best van rental Singapore services for your event then the tips and tricks in this article will also help you out!

The Best Car Cleaning Tips to Keep It Looking New

When you check a car accessories shop online, you will come across various accessories for cleaning your car. But, you must devote time and passion to ensuring your car gets a spotless shine. The tips below can make your car look brand new. 

A Detailed Car Wash

A thorough wash with a car wash shampoo is something that you must not ignore if you want to make your car look shiny every time. By thorough car wash, we mean pouring and spraying plain water throughout your vehicle to ensure that all grime and loose dust are removed. After that, you need a car shampoo and a microfiber cloth to make the glass of your car shine from a dull look. You will win half the battle when you simply wash your car with plain water. 

Clay Bar Treatment for Your Car

Clay bar treatment plays a role in adding shine and protecting your car. To clean your car, you must use an automotive-grade clay bar and spray a detailer liquid on the application area. They come with a clay bar in a package. It is one of the best car cleaning accessories to ensure that the application area is cleaned properly.

Once you rub a particular section adequately with the help of a clay bar approximately 15 times, clean the surface with a microfiber fibre cloth. It will be challenging, but you can do it after every six months to keep your car shiny. So you can do not need to worry about its results. 

Car Wax Treatment

Car wax treatment comes in spray and clay form. You can also consider it as a spray wax treatment. It can save your effort and time. The effects may not be long-lasting, but they do a good job in the short run. 

You can purchase a good car wax from any online store and spray it on a particular portion of your car. Please keep it for a few minutes and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. Then, repeat the process for different sections of your car that need cleaning. Any car would need approximately 5 minutes to be completely waxed and cleaned. 

Tyre Cleaning System

You must not ignore the tyre cleaning system when you want to clean your car. It is especially true for harsh Indian Road conditions. Your clean car will hold no value and importance if your tires are not clean. So you need to use a tyre cleaning system to keep your car shiny. 

Make sure to spray water on your tyres and use a large brush to remove the debris and grime. Now spray the tire polish material you can find at a relatively inexpensive rate at local stores online. You can directly spray it or use a sponge to spray it. Please read the instruction manual with the brand and follow them to clean the car tyres. It would require another 5 minutes for all the tyres in your car. 

Pay Attention to the Interiors of Your Car

Once you have done all the steps above, make sure to take time to clean the interiors of your car as well. Possibilities are that the upholstery will need special treatment. Again, you can make use of a dashboard polisher.

A relatively cheap dashboard polisher is available online or at local stores. It can keep the interiors of your car clean for a long time. However, it will need approximately 5 to 10 minutes of your effort and attention. 

Pay Attention to the Tar

You will sometimes find contaminants on your car that you cannot remove with soap and water. It is where special car cleaning chemicals will be needed to clean the different contaminants. Any water-soluble car wash soap can remove that. But there will be the residue remaining that will cause staining in the long run. So this situation demands calling a professional so that they can identify the possible contaminants and use the correct cleaner to remove them. Once they clean your car with water and soap, they will use chemical cleaners to remove the contaminants and further rewash the areas. 

Wrapping Up

Car cleaning is not easy; you need to pay attention to the details. However, our outlined steps help wash your car and clean it to keep it looking new. These steps require approximately 5 to 10 minutes of your time and come at an affordable rate. So, make sure to clean the car effectively and keep it looking like new for a long time.

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