Ferry from Port Blair to Havelock

Ferry from Port Blair to Havelock

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How to travel from Port Blair to Havelock Island!

We have two ways to get to the Andaman, one via ferry services and the other via airways. The Andaman floats in the Bay of Bengal region and remains separated from the road boundaries of India. Ferries take three to four days to get to their destination, whereas aeroplanes get you to Andaman in just four to five hours.

Havelock Island is located 70 kilometres from Port Blair, the Andaman Islands' capital city; however, there is no road access to this island, leaving only the option of using ferry services to travel to other islands. There is a benefit to flying direct to Port Blair if you are leaving from tier-1 states.

Havelock island can be reached from Port Blair in at least 2-3 hours. There are two different ferry service options: private and government ferry.

The majority of people favour private ferry services because they offer more comfortable and swifter travel times than government-operated ferries, which are also more expensive and take longer to reach their destinations.

modes of transportation from Port Blair to Havelock

There are two ways to get to Havelock Island from Port Blair:

 1. Airways


Pavan Hans [Airways] Helicopter

This helicopter operates four destinations after departing from Port Blair, including the Havelock, Diglipur, Hutbay, and Neil Islands (Little Andaman). The main drawback of this mode of transportation is that it is not always accessible to tourists, save in cases of medical emergencies or for official purposes.

The only time it takes is to land properly at the appropriate helipads to ensure a safe and secure landing. It is the fastest way to travel between the islands.

Only those who have an urgent need to relocate or any type of emergency choose Pavan Hans because of its expensive travel costs. In contrast, there are no fees for government employees who use this mode for work-related activities.

Boating services [Seaways]

There are two different types of ferries that can take you from Port Blair to the Havelock Islands, as previously mentioned.

Exclusive Ferry

The main benefit of these private company limited ferries is that you can book them anywhere and take a luxurious, simple, and swift ride. Makruzz and Green Ocean are the two most well-liked privately operated ferries; you can reserve tickets online and arrive at your destinations in just two to three hours. Additionally, these ferries provide additional passenger comforts such as special meals, cosy accommodations, and booking cancellation security.

Government Ferry

However, you can travel via this ferry by picking up the tickets from the office located in Port Blair. You can only purchase tickets in offline mode with your relevant required documents like- [Passport, ID proof]. These ferries are operated by the government for local works, import export services, and for local citizens of Andaman.


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