Ferry from Havelock to Port Blair

Ferry from Havelock to Port Blair

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How do you do return travel Ferry from Havelock to Port Blair?

Water separates the Havelock Islands from Port Blair Harbour, and there are no roads connecting them. Because of this, ferries are the only means of transportation between these two islands. The ferry transportation services are affordable, quick, and comfortable.

How does the online ferry reservation system work?

• From a wider variety of available ferry services, you can check and compare them.

• After selecting the ferry from havelock to port Blair enter all you detail and make the payment once payment is successful. you will receive an email within 24 hours with confirmed tickets.

• You can check your booking confirmation after you receive the mail with PNR number.


Ferry options available in the Andaman:

1. Private ferry

2.Government Ferry 


Please Take Note

Only privately operated ferries can be booked online; tickets for government-operated ferries must be purchased offline, i.e., at the customer executive DSS office two days prior to the departure.


In 2022, how many private ferries will be available at Andaman?

Here is the private ferry list mentioned below which is offering service to travellers from "Havelock island to Port Blair "

• Sealink 

• Green Ocean Seaways

• Aashi

• Makruzz Logistics and Ferry Services

• Itt majestic.

Private Ferries offer the following amenities:

 1.Food cafes

2. Male and female restrooms


3. There are refreshments available for all seat types.


How can a government ferry be reserved online?

The Directorate of Shipping Services [DSS] oversees and manages the government-owned ferries. Since the ferry is the only mode of transportation, the majority of this department works for the convenience of the local residents on the islands. Consequently, the cost of the tickets has been adjusted for them.


The DSS office nearby the Port Blair Jetty office is where you must go to complete the ticket form for the Government Ferries because you cannot book them online. Typically, processing takes 30 minutes, but it can also take an hour. You can retrieve the tickets from the counter once the information and IDs have been confirmed.


General Directions for Making a Ferry Reservation:


1. If you need to visit several islands, schedule your ferry travel in a logical order. If you plan to travel from Port Blair to Havelock Island and then to Neil Island, for instance, book your ferry from Port Blair to Havelock Island first. Once you've finished your journey, book your ferry from Havelock to Neil Island once more.


2. Be sure to arrive before one or two hours if you are booking your ferry on the day of your arrival. Your tickets, along with your other documents (passports, ID proofs), must be verified.


3. Verify that all of your information is accurately fetched on the ticket. The tickets will stand cancelled and need to be issued again if there is any error or change in name, age, or gender. Cancellation fees might be incurred.


4. Double-check that the final checkout page will require you to enter your correct information in accordance with the ID proof you were issued.

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