Dubai tourism & travel in 2021. What to expect from this travelers’ paradise?

Dubai tourism & travel in 2021. What to expect from this travelers’ paradise?

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Dubai is a city that is always in the bucket list of every traveler, big or small. What makes it exceptional is the hospitality. It is as if the entire country is working to make your stay memorable. Not only for the tourists, expats from all over the world come to enjoy Dubai and get a dream job for themselves. So many of the lucky ones do make a good living here and enjoy a life of their dreams, thanks to the forever ongoing work in Dubai. But is the scenario the same now? How much covid has impacted the tourism and work industry of Dubai. Let’s find out. 

Almost six months after opening its borders for tourists and residents, Dubai is planning a super solid rebound to bring back its thriving tourism industry back into roll. This is evident from the fabulous pomp and show that they put up in ringing the new year 2021. It was nothing short of the grandeur they put up every single year. Of course, the new world post covid-19 needs more stringent safety and health measures; Dubai is working at its best to strategically incorporate the safety protocols for its tourists at every step of the way, right from the moment they enter the airport to the time they head back to their home.


Measures that prove Dubai is all set to welcome visitors back in style:

Hotels & resorts Offering Exclusive Offers for 2021:

The world renowned Atlantis the Palm is offering never before offers to its customers with special stay and Aquaventure day out offers. From calling the best of rock bands for performance to the record breaking pyrotechnic display, they have it all. They even have complimentary in-resort PCR tests for their customers which otherwise costs a lot and is an extra but necessary expense for the customers. The reopening of Burj Al Arab also brings exquisite offers for their international travelers. From offering private pool to exclusive beach front accesses; Dubai is going all out to ensure your stay is safe, secure, hygienic, and memorable.


UAE Inside the country visa extension:

Not only travelers, but Dubai is also all set to bring back its working community of expats that have been missing from the action and has brought the thriving developments in the city to a jolting halt. They have now expedited and promoted the services of credible providers like us for Dubai visa extension inside the country itself. This means, now if you wish to extend your visa for your stay in Dubai, you do not need to go back to your home country and do the process all over again to come back. Of course, because it will involve unnecessary travel and will threaten the safety and health protocols. Now you can get your UAE visa extension simply by getting in touch with us and staying inside the country without the health worries that arise due to travel.


A safer way to Shop in Dubai:

The world knows that UAE has done a pretty good job in containing the virus and the situation now is even better, with extremely relative rates of new cases. Shopping is one of the biggest unique selling propositions of Dubai and therefore, the government of Dubai is working hard to ensure that the customer shopping experience in Dubai is as good as before while ensuring that health and safety protocols are followed to the last bit, both by the locals and tourists. Masks, hand sanitizers at public places and exceptional sanitary measures are taken round the clock to ensure no tourist faces any issue while enjoying their vacation.


The emergency services in Dubai are pumped up with everything necessary:

No matter how vigilant a country is, there’s no surety of an emergency to not happen. Same goes with UAE> and that is exactly why the UAE government has taken special measures to ensure their hospitals, clinics, and emergency services are well-equipped with every possible resource needed in case of an urgency or unwarranted medical outbreak. This is important especially for UAE which is expecting millions of tourists in the year 2021.


Advised care instructions while you travel for your vacation to UAE

While the country is taking every possible measure to ensure that your travel is safe and memorable; every single traveler must also adhere to the basic guidelines of travel post Covid-19. Some of the most important guidelines are mentioned as under:

· Every traveler must carry a negative PCR test report along with while travelling to Dubai to have a smooth check-in to the country.

· For infants and kids under 5 years, the test is not mandatory, but the safety and social distancing has to be maintained.

· Every single traveler is required to wear a cotton or a medical mask all the time during flight and during the trip in public places in Dubai.

·  It is to be noted that the negative PCR test must not be later than 72 hours from your travel, or else it will not be taken into consideration. 


Dubai travel is extremely safe and secure and the authorities in Dubai are taking every step possible to ensure it stays the same way. After all, it is the tourism that makes for their biggest part of GDP and they wouldn’t want to be in slump anymore. One of the other big reason for Dubai to open up for the tourists is the fact that travelers are now gearing up for adventures again. The initial covid panic has settled down and travelers now know what measures to be taken to live in this new world post pandemic. Now when travelers are coming out of their shell and gearing to travel to complete their bucket list again, Dubai does not want to fall behind the race of travel friendly nations and wants to bring back the style, glam and grandeur of Dubai for which it was loved by one and all. So, what are you waiting for? Happy travelling!

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