7 tips to avoid sunburn while traveling. 

 7 tips to avoid sunburn while traveling. 

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Want to maintain that beautiful golden tan all summer long? But what to do to avoid sunburn? You should first know that sunbathing causes the premature appearance of wrinkles and freckles. So here are our tips for enjoying the sun without negative consequences.

It is on our faces that the years leave the most immediately visible traces. Skin aging is characterized by very clear signs: the epidermis thins, hydration is less well, collagen and keratin decrease, wrinkles and brown spots appear, the skin relaxes and becomes flaccid.

The sun accelerates aging
Let's be clear: it's okay to get old. It is not a  disease. The natural processes of aging are accelerated by our modern life. Those responsible:  stress, pollution, tobacco, poor diet, the sun… All these elements intensify the production of free radicals, which generally accelerates aging.

These free radicals are real little time bombs generated by cell metabolism. During their short lifespan, they attack cells at the level of their outer membrane, their cytoplasm (inside the cell), and even their DNA.

Fortunately, our body is provided with natural protective screens that neutralize free radicals. But when the radical production panics, these defense agents are often overwhelmed by their task. We must therefore support and stimulate them.

The sun occupies a place of choice among the accelerators of aging. The more we expose ourselves, the more the skin tends to age. We need the sun's rays to synchronize our inner clocks, to maintain our good mood, or to synthesize precious vitamin D (among others). 

But too much sun ends up producing potentially serious deleterious effects. Fortunately, the fashion is no longer for very tanned skin, tanned by excessive exposure. We are only looking to look good, to sport a golden complexion that evokes "good health".

Fair skin or dark skin?
If our skin changes color in the sun, it is thanks to special cells: the melanocytes. They make a pigment, melanin, which colors the skin when it receives sunlight. We all have roughly the same number of melanocytes. If some people tan faster than others, it is because their melanocytes are more active.

In addition, we have two types of melanin: red and black. The second is more effective than the first. However, if we both produce melanin, the dosage is different for each.

Those with fair skin and red hair have mostly red melanin, while those with dull skin are the champions of black melanin. And that's good for them because it protects up to a thousand times more than the previous one.

However, can they expose themselves to the sun without limit? No! Because melanin constitutes partial protection. While it prevents burns due to infrared radiation from sunlight, it does not protect against ultraviolet (especially UVA) which penetrates deep, to the very heart of cells where they damage DNA.

Not only do skin cells age faster (especially since the sun accelerates the production of free radicals), but some cell damage sometimes turns into cancerous tumors. So it is better to protect ourselves from the sun and always look young and never worried about whats my age

However, the more tanned you are, the less attention you pay, which greatly increases the risks. Because we think we are sheltered from sunburn, so what to do?

The art of avoiding sunburn while still enjoying
Here are some tips to avoid sunburn and enjoy it without suffering the unfortunate consequences:

Never expose yourself to the hottest hours of the day, especially in the middle of summer. If you want to sunbathe, do so before 11 a.m. and after 3 p.m.

Never forget to spread a protective cream, milk, or oil on your body and face. Don't skimp on the protection factor, especially at the start of the season. Choose it according to your skin.

Repeat the application after each bath (at sea or in a swimming pool).
Be especially vigilant with children. In the event of exposure, coat them with special children's total screen cream, and do not forget to have them wear a T-shirt, glasses, and hat.

If you have fragile skin, apply a total screen to your face, all year round (as soon as the sun is shining).
Always take a bottle of water with you when you are out for a walk in nature or out in the sun. Your skin needs to be constantly hydrated (see below).

Use and abuse foods rich in antioxidants (see below), in all seasons to strengthen your defenses against free radicals.

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