10 Of Perth’s Best Bakeries

10 Of Perth’s Best Bakeries

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We love a good loaf, and even better we love copping one from the independent baker down the street. And around Perth these days we seem to be getting more and more great places to grab a super-fresh loaf of bread from, along with plenty of other sweet treats – here’s a few of our faves.

North Street Store

We can’t shut up about North Street Store – not that anyone really needs telling at this point. In spite of a few vocal locals, these legends are still going strong, baking some of the best loaves in town. With the addition of sister store Little Loaf Bakery in South Freo, these guys will be pumping out even more of the good stuff. And while we’ve waxed lyrical about the cinnamon buns, and the porchetta rolls, the fougasse is the absolute perfect bread to share with mates in the sunshine, with a bottle of something good.

Grain Bakery

This small, family-run bakery may have only opened at the start of the year but it’s already become a huge hit around its Lathlain location. And a large part of that is due toe place being steeped in owners the Pallot family’s history. They use decades-old family recipes, and produce some of the best sourdough going around Perth at the moment. Beware their irresistible pastry treats though!

Wild Bakery

An absolute favourite for a Saturday afternoon lunch after stopping by the Subi Farmer’s Market – a few slices of Wild Bakery’s quinoa loaf with some fresh cultured butter. High key recommend. These South Freo faves are all about funky fermentation, which can also be beneficial for those with sensitive tums.

Strange Grains

Baked in a dedicated gluten-free environment, Strange Grains is the answer to a coeliac’s prayers. All their loaves are hand-made by skilled bakers, without preservatives, stabilisers, eggs, dairy, corn or sugar – not to mention all the other treats they have available. Pies, cakes, pastries – you name it, they make it gluten free.


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