Signal jammers are just correcting our bad habits

Signal jammers are just correcting our bad habits

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When introducing each jammer, we emphasize that the interference range of the jammer is for reference only, please refer to the actual situation. The interference range depends on the local signal strength. Here, we will try to explain why the scope of the manufacturer's work is often different from the actual situation. First, after the cell phone jammer is manufactured, it will be tested. There are many necessary tests, such as battery life, transmission frequency, etc., including testing the interference radius. Manufacturers always believe that the test results are more effective than the actual range, because these devices are usually tested in open spaces. You know that buildings and different concrete structures can hinder signal transmission. Most of us live in big cities, surrounded by high-rise buildings. The signal strength of the local mobile phone is also an influencing factor. Therefore, don’t be surprised if the interfering device can’t block calls within 30 meters of you.

Unmanned vehicles will certainly have a larger market in the future, but the premise is that there are many possible safety issues. We know that driverless cars need to use GPS, and GPS signals are susceptible to interference. Whether it is a magnetic field or a device, gps jammer will prevent GPS from working properly. This is one of the problems that self-driving car researchers need to solve. This problem cannot be solved, and driverless cars will not be able to drive safely on the road, because in life, GPS jammers are also very important anti-tracking devices for people. You may feel uneasy about where you may need to go.

Although the family uses Wifi jammers to ensure the safety of the network, your children can also use the Internet time to control, which is harmful to the body and spirit, please do not indulge in this world. In addition, the radiation series wifi transmitter can turn on the jammer when not in use, which affects people's health, and the radiator is very small. If you are still worried about using the Internet and mobile phones, you must buy a high-quality wifi jammer. Here, you can get a desktop multi-antenna home jammer. We promise 30 days replacement and 1 year warranty. You don't have to worry about quality issues, because high-quality products are always an effort.

After all, it is local. Different environmental impacts are also different. The fault area of ​​the open area is larger than that of the area with many buildings. Therefore, the measured interference radius is usually better than the actual range. Because the test was carried out in an open place. Since the signal may be blocked/interfered by stone walls, the grating will form a Faraday cage (including "wrong" lead windows) and metals such as tin foil insulators, thereby reducing the reliability of indoor signal jammer. In other words, if you use a jammer indoors, the glass may block the signal due to the wall. You may not be able to interfere with the signal in another room.

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alexytony travel blog images

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