What is the most beautiful place on earth?

What is the most beautiful place on earth?

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Lagos Portugal, hands down is the most beautiful place I have ever been! There is something unique about this small southern town. Combine perfect beaches that hide at the foot of sheer cliffs, kayaking through caves, fresh seafood and when the sun goes down you have nightlife that would make Charlie Sheen go home early!

Add all that together and Lagos shoots up to number 1 pretty fast!

You will more than likely fly into Faro and then take an hour long train to Lagos. You can take a bus or even a taxi but most people take the train. Once you arrive at Lagos train station you'll have a 10 minute taxi ride to the city center where most of your accommodations will be.

If you are like me and prefer hostels I recommend staying at Rising Cock Party Hostel. Don't be intimidated by the name, it has a very good atmosphere where you will meet friends no problem! You will also meet "mama" who will cook you endless crepes every morning.

Once you are checked into your room, first thing you are going to want to do is check out the world famous beaches. Well you are in luck, because some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are only a 3 minute walk from the city center! There is a massive beach that is across the boat channel, that beach is nice, but that's not the ones you're looking for. Head right, or up the small hill and you will find the beaches you came for! 

At first glance everything looks similar to past beach towns but as soon as you peak around the bend you get a breath taking view of cliffs coming straight up from the ocean with warm golden sand! If you walk down further, you will come to an end but if you look at the cliff you will find a small cave that you have to go through to find the famous bridge overtop the beach!

It is much easier to go when the tide is low, but make sure you go through it because that is one thing you can't miss!

After spending your time relaxing on the beach head back into the city center to treat yourself to some of the best fish and chips in Europe! If that's not your style there is a really good selection of food in Lagos so everyone can leave full! 

The streets become pretty quiet around 9pm, I'm assuming people are transitioning from being at the beach all day to going out all night. Come 11pm most of the popular bars are pumping with an atmosphere that will keep you out all night!

The best part about Lagos's night life is you can go out in shorts, flip flops, t-shirts and still get in almost anywhere! No need to bring your fancy clothes, its beach vibes day and night! At one of the bars they have a beer bong challenge where, who ever does one gets to add a point for their country. Needless to say USA is in the lead!

Waking up a bit foggy is no excuse to not do anything! Head to the beach and rent kayaks to explore the caves, rent a paddle board and make a fool of yourself or rent a mountain bike and ride the edge of the cliffs!

I recommend all of the above, but make sure you experience the cliffs near the lighthouse! Its a bit of a walk, probably 45 mins so I rented a mountain bike, you can get them at almost any surf shop for about 15 euros a day. The bike ride is more like 15 mins and you get to ride along the cliffs and see astonishing views! This was actually my favorite part of the trip.

A little down the coast you get to see a beach that is picture perfect and isn't accessible by car so there is almost no one there! I definitely recommend checking it out for yourself because it gives you a new perspective on just how beautiful Lagos is!

I spent four days in Lagos and I could have honestly stayed for another four! A lot of people get stuck in Lagos when they are traveling because it is second to none, so maybe you should book your ticket to leave before you arrive!

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Travel With Us September 19th, 2017

Seems very interesting ^_^
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Kaitlynestelle August 19th, 2017

Looks beautiful:)

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