Bali Pass Trek

Bali Pass Trek

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The Bali Pass Trek is for hikers who want to explore new and less-traveled routes. Despite the difficulty in the Bali pass trek, each move is worthwhile. It tests us in every way, with dramatically shifting terrain, narrow paths, precarious descents, and long walking hours. Bali Pass Trekking is unlike any other Himalayan trek in terms of historical, religious, and mountaineering significance. It's a journey into the unknown of the familiar. This trek allows visitors to experience the adventurous side of the religious Yamunotri valley. The road passes through villages that exude the opulence of bygone eras. The natural beauty of Osla and Ghangad villages provides a glimpse into a traditional yet modern Himalayan way of life. Debshu Bugyal is the next to arrive. The beauty of the Bali pass trek is enhanced by this, as it is by any alpine meadow. It also brings the journey to a close in every way. The trek's icing on the cake is Ruinsara Tal. The trail to cross the watershed between the Yamuna and its main tributary Tons river is known as the Bali Pass trek. The Bali pass links the Ruinsara – Har Ki Dun area with the Yamunotri valley at a height of around 16000 feet. This is a moderate hike that takes you to the next step. If you've completed moderate treks such as Roopkund, Rupin Pass, or Goecha La, this is the next move. The Bali Pass trek route is a relatively short trek, requiring less than 60 kilometers of walking. While the pass itself, at around 16000 feet, provides a range of elements and challenges. The journey can be divided into two sections. Following the Tamosa/Har Ki Dun Nala, you can first travel from Taluka to Har Ki Dun and then to Seema. We continue along the valley until we reach the Ruinsara Nala gorge and valley.

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travel_all_around travel blog images

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