Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund Trek

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The Beas Kund trek allows you to cross mountains and fly to the Beas River's source. It splits into various streams at the start of its journey, some of which are created by glaciers melting. A tiny yet enchanting alpine lake feeds several small tributaries of the parent stream.
From here, you begin Beas Kund trekking and negotiate a strenuous and long ascent to Bakartach's camping site. The tour's next leg is long, strenuous, and scenically stunning. As you make your way to the lake, you can pass by several beautiful scenes that you should photograph. The Beas Kund trek package will end after about five hours of staying on the trail. The breathtaking glacier is undoubtedly the highlight of Beas Kund trekking, but the stunning landscape of vast open fields awash in pure greenish meadows is another pleasant surprise.The trek's scenery is quite dreamy which makes it so appealing. Beas Kund trek takes you through vast and magnificent meadows brimming with wild plants, rare species, and flowers. If you keep an attentive eye, you can see impressive flora within just a few kilometers of the trek, ranging from rare medicinal plants to exotic mushrooms. It's 2-3 day hike that can easily be completed over the course of a long weekend. Some trekkers complete the journey in a day (from Dhundi to Dhundi). It all depends on your pace and stamina and whether you want to walk slowly while taking in the scenery. By road and air, it is well linked to most major cities. If you're coming from Delhi, overnight buses run frequently and arrive in Manali in the early morning (between 6:30 and 9:00 a.m.) after a nearly 13-hour ride. The sight of the Beas Kund glacier greets you long before you hit Bakarthach, and it was this that kept us moving through the rain and strong winds. We were caught in heavy showers just before we arrived in Bakarthach, as expected by the weathermen. It was raining heavily by the time we arrived in Bakarthach, and we could only see a few metres ahead of us through the mist.

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