Things To Include In Your Wedding Invites

Things To Include In Your Wedding Invites

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Make sure that your guests know everything they need to celebrate with you. These are the details you should include in your wedding invitations.

The next step after choosing your wedding invitation design is to finalize the text. We have compiled a list of information to help you decide what information to include in your wedding invitations. It's not enough to include your wedding date, time, and location. You will need to provide a way for guests to RSVP and a link to your website for them to access.

Don't panic about trying to fit everything on one sheet of paper. Send your guests inserts such as RSVP cards or maps of the venue to let them know what you are expecting. This will reduce the work you have to do since your guests won't be asking the same questions. Here's a list of what you should include in your wedding invitations.

What To Include In Wedding Invitations?
This checklist will help you ensure that you have all the necessary information before you place your order.

Names of the hosts
Names of the couple
Date and time
Location for ceremony and reception
Attire details
Address of the Wedding Website
RSVP card
Additional information about the venue
Name of the guest
Address for the guest
Return address
Extra postage
Names Of The Hosts
Invitations are usually opened with an "invitational phrase," which lists the names and addresses of the hosts. Pro tip: Usually, the hosts pay for the event. Your parents should be invited if they are contributing financially or paying all costs. Following the invitational line is a request line such as "Request The Pleasure of your Company," "Invite you to Celebrate the Wedding of," or "Request Your Honor of Your Presence" if the ceremony takes place at a place of worship.

Names Of The Couple
You will need to include the names and addresses of the couple getting married. The order of heterosexual couples is that the woman's name appears first. However, you have the option to arrange your names in any way you like. LGBTQIA+ couples have the option to order their names alphabetically or by age. You can add your first, middle, and last names. Or, you can go for your entire legal name (first, middle, and last).

Date And Time Of The Ceremony
It is essential that you confirm the date of your wedding. (Though it is possible that your save-the-dates have already been used by your guests to confirm the date. You can avoid latecomers by indicating the time on your invitations. Guests will know when to arrive by stating the start time.

Location For The Ceremony And Reception
It doesn't matter if your ceremony and/or reception take place at the same location or another venue, it is important to include the name and address. This will allow your guests to know where they are going and when the celebrations begin. You can include the line "Reception to Follow", "Celebration To Follow," or "Dinner And Dancing to Follow" if the ceremony and reception take place at the same location. If they are at different locations, you will need to add a separate card with the address and start time.

It is essential to include an RSVP card as you will need to confirm the final headcount with your venue. It can be included on the invitation or on a separate reply note. If you are using reply cards, you can specify a date by which guests must respond "yes" to the invitation or "no". We recommend this date be three to four weeks prior to the wedding date. You can also include a space for guests to write their names. You can include a place where they can choose their entrees if you are offering a plated meal.

Additional Information About Venue
It's a good idea to include additional information if you are getting married in a special location (e.g., a national park). For guests who have never been to your wedding venue, instructions about parking can prove very helpful. You could also consider creating a map of the area that shows where your reception and ceremony are located in relation to one another. Or a list of activities your guests can do prior to your nuptials. You'll be able to tell your guests all this information ahead of time and avoid any questions. Win-win!

Name Of The Guest
Your wedding invitation envelope should have your guests' names prominently displayed. As you collect addresses, make sure you use the correct spelling. It is also a good idea to ask for the preferred titles of your guests (Mr. or Mrs., Ms. or Miss), as well as their gender-neutral Mx. To make your wedding inclusive, ask for their preferred titles (Mr., Mrs. or Ms.), Also, make sure to ask their last names as not everyone has the same surname.

Guest Address
Below your name, include the address of your guest. These should be confirmed before you order your invitations to avoid confusion. The process of wedding address collection of guests should be simple and well managed as to there is no confusion in the end. You can reach out to the person directly to verify an address.

Return Address
Your return address should be included on both the outer flap of the suite and the envelope that contains the reply cards. It would be a shame for anyone's invitations to go missing in the mail. You will need reply cards to help you plan. 

These can be printed by your local stationer, hired a calligraphy professional to write them, or created a custom-inking rubber stamp or custom stickers. You can also order printing services online.

Extra Postage
Note: Heavy invitation bundles may require additional postage. To find out the exact amount of stamps that you will need, take a full-stuffed invitation to the post office. You'll also want to make sure the reply card includes appropriate postage so that your guests can fill it in and return it to you.

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