Top 5 tips for booking a private luxury yacht charter

Top 5 tips for booking a private luxury yacht charter

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When you want to explore the unexplored and offbeat locations, it is best done by travelling in a private luxury yacht charter. Chartered yachts enable you to cover a lot of ground which is difficult when travelling through a car or even a train. To make it more memorable, here are five tips you should follow when booking a private luxury yacht charter.

1. Planning in advance:

No matter what’s your destination, you should plan your yacht holidays journey well in advance. Yachts typically operate on a seven-day schedule, which often is not negotiable. Therefore, you should plan out your journey well in advance and allocate time beforehand. Also, sailing schedules are often set well up to a year in advance. So, it is essential to speak with your trip designer as soon as you start planning out your yacht charter to plan around where the boats will be docked.

2. Having a flexible itinerary:

Chartered yachts allow you to visit many destinations within a short period and include most of the locations on land and activities in the water. Therefore, there is a lot of freedom when it comes to planning out your itinerary. However, be wary that everything will be dependent on the weather. Your routes can never be guaranteed and can change anytime as they will be dependent on a variety of conditions. So avoid bookings in non-refundable hotels and activities.

3. Keeping track of the numbers:

Most of the yachts will have a capacity of 12 guests, while some will go up to 30 guests. It is crucial to confirm the number of people that will be travelling because the size of the yacht will be dependent on it. And on top of all that, the price of the booking will be dependent on the charter fee. It is better to crunch the numbers before you hire a luxury yachts charter.

4. Ask for it:

Your private yacht should make you feel like a home away from home. If you have a great relationship with your captain, you can have the most memorable trip. Share your tastes, your dislikes and everything you want on your trip on a preference sheet when designing your trip. Most probably, your trip designer and captain can make it happen for you. From having internet access to even a health spa, you can have it all.

5. Follow the rules:

There are some dos and don'ts when it comes to travelling on a yacht. Like, opt for soft-sided luggage as there can be space restrictions. Don’t wear high-heeled shoes as they can damage the deck. Do talk to your captain if you have any questions. Don’t bring unexpected guests aboard.


With these tips in mind, you are now ready to plan out your next trip via a luxury yachts charter. Plan well in advance, and you will be golden when it’s time for the trip.

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