Kashmir great lakes trek

Kashmir great lakes trek

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An introduction to the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is unnecessary. It is the proem in and of itself. By simply hearing its name, you may create a preface for it. Kashmir is a beautiful city, and if you go on a Himalayan trek, you will be able to experience its natural beauty and adventure. The trek to the KGL Trek is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create vintage memories that are incredibly exhausting. The thundering silence of the Kashmir great lakes, as well as their virgin beauty, has a spellbinding effect.
Kashmir, also known as the Earth's Paradise, is the obvious destination for this trek. Kashmir, also known as the Earth's Paradise, is the obvious destination for this trek. The trek takes about 7-9 days to complete, and the trekking challenges are usually categorised as mild. The elevation is about 13000 feet, and the distance is around 63 kilometres. On such a rewarding walk, you will discover a trifecta of things about yourself: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Nothing can prepare a trekker for the overwhelming and contradictory feelings of not knowing if his body can withstand the pressure and whether he can make it or not. The excitement of arriving at the goal, on the other hand, is palpable. This journey will always be joyful and enjoyable. This trek will always be a happy and cherishing trek for the trekkers who make a few arrangements ahead of time.
Since the trek to the Kashmir Great Lakes requires physical fitness, you must maintain good health, form yourself well, and be fit and fine. Trekkers should prepare for their journey by frequently working out in the gym, as well as running, incline walking, cycling, cross-training, and stretching.
To get into the specifics of the trek, it typically begins about 3 kilometres outside of Sonamarg, on the Srinagar route. A few dhabbas can be found along the way. It is preferable for trekkers to purchase fast meals here for the duration of their journey. It is preferable for trekkers to stop here for a quick bite to eat because the next sign of habitation will be at Naranag, which will most likely mark the end of the trail.
After a few miles on the trail, the trek enters a green meadow with views of Sonamarg city. Trekkers meet the starting line of Maple and Pine trees at the top of the meadows. The following section is a deep, thick forest of Maple trees with a lovey-dovey feel to it. This trek in India has always offered a one-of-a-kind experience.

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