5 Steps to Find an Engaging Essay Topic

5 Steps to Find an Engaging Essay Topic

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essay writing services could be tough, but what is even tougher is selecting a suitable topic which is appropriate for discussion or something that is relevant to be discussed about especially when the area of discussion has not been mentioned and it is upon the writer to choose the topic. 

In most such cases, with a boundless freedom to choose the topic of the essay, 

essay writers often lose track due to indecisiveness or often tend to choose an irrelevant topic which is of no significance to the course or specific agenda. Essay topics does not come easily to writers unless they know who they are and what do they want to achieve from that paper. Here are 5 ways in which one could find an engaging essay topic:

1. Find out things that fascinates you

It could be anything that you learned in class, read in a novel, listened in a podcast or heard from a friend, or something that intrigues you and makes you want to explore. 

2. Find out things you have an opinion about

Anything about which you have an opinion will certainly help you to argue about it, no matter whether you are in favour or against the motion. It must be something that you care about, like climate change, mass shooting at schools, legalisation of marijuana, et cetera 

3. Find out things that brings out your emotions

find out what makes you the happiest or the saddest, be it material things or moments of your life that makes you feel amazing, depressed or remorseful. Expression of emotions often prove to be a sensitive topic of discussion that many choose to avoid, and takes a lot of courage too share once emotion with an audience. they make excellent essay topics at times.

4. Find out things that excites you in college or otherwise

 Things that excite us implies that we hold interest about them and would like to pursue then as a hobby or with a propaganda, like drama club, environmental clubs, travelling abroad, learning a new language, et cetera. It should be something that who should you too get out of your comfort zone and be adventurous and exploring.

5. Now Highlight your list

Among the above noted four aspects of your life, mark the one that is the most important to you. These marked topics are the ones that would help you to create narrations, of yourself and your likings and disliking, gradually to be shaped into a narrative or descriptive essay. The thing upon which you have an opinion would help you to write persuasive essay well you could argue your opinion on the motion. Things that intrigue you would help you figure out explanatory essays, giving you the opportunity to explain your interest and your interest to take it further. 

These steps shall be extremely helpful to choose essay topics when you feel helpless or clueless about what to write when asked to write about anything that you like in an essay competition or even more crucially during school or college admissions. 

clara smith is a lecturer at the University of Dublin. Along with that, she is a do my homework in my assignment help.

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