WiFi jammer is very important in these places

WiFi jammer is very important in these places

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WiFi jammer is often used in conjunction with the Bluetooth jammer function, and are often used in conference rooms, auditoriums, courts, libraries, examination rooms, schools, cinemas, theaters, hospitals, government, military, financial, security and other places, police and command centers. Why are WiFi Bluetooth 4G jammers so important to these places? For these places, WiFi Bluetooth jammers are not allowed to maintain a safe and peaceful environment. In fact, a wifi signal jammer would be helpful.

On the one hand, criminals like hackers can steal your files and attack your network via WiFi or Bluetooth. So this is one of the main reasons why people are now using WiFi jammers to help them in many places like government, military, finance, security, police and command centers. Because these places are strict in terms of information protection.

On the other hand, in meeting rooms, auditoriums, courts, libraries, exam rooms, schools, cinemas, theaters, hospitals, etc., in order to avoid loud calls or text messages, the use of mobile phones is not allowed. Since noise can be annoying and cell phone signals can be disruptive in some cases. Fortunately, Wifi jammer device easily stop this. Since there is no service there is no work.

Right here, this latest adjustable desk high power 5G,4G,3G 8 band wifi jammer device can keep you safe and quiet.

Newest Adjustable Desktop High Power 5G, 4G, 3G 6 Band Wifi Frequency Jammer, you must be attracted by the title. It can not only block CDMA, GSM, DCS/PCS, 3G, Wifi signals, but also the latest 4G LTE and 4G Wimax signals. It really is your best option until you might just block a 4G signal.

6 powerful antennas, shielding radius of 5-40 meters, of course, the interference radius depends on the signal strength in a given area; stronger jammers can block all signals within this range. Don't worry about the uplink, the jammer will not interfere with the uplink station signal; it will only interfere with the signal of the mobile phone.
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With the latest design and good cooling system, with built-in cooling fan, the working temperature of the device will not be very high, so that the device can be kept in good condition. Another great thing about this wifi blocker is that you can adjust or turn off any one band without affecting the operation of the other bands. In addition, this device comes with a DC12V car charger, which can be used directly in the car, which is really convenient for those who want to use this device in the car.

If you're looking for a powerful device to jam cell phone signals in exam rooms, churches, temples, gas stations, or anywhere you need quiet. Go ahead, add it to your cart, you'll love it.

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precisejammers travel blog images

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