What is the Cluffy Wedge?

What is the Cluffy Wedge?

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The Cluffy Wedge happens to be an extension for a foot orthosis that clinicians can use around the front of the foot supports, or it may be bought to provide a separate cushion that could be put into shoes. This product is designed as one device which can be used to treat a condition called functional hallux limitus. Functional hallux limitus is a problem when using the range of flexion of the big toe joint in the feet, because the range of movement is normal in the event the feet are up in the air when getting assessed however the range of flexion seems to be reduced once the foot is on the ground. Because this limitation of motion is only when walking or weightbearing, it is given the title of ‘functional’. The hallux is an additional name for the big toe joint. Thus, this condition is a functional limitation of motion of the hallux or great toe joint. When someone has a functional hallux limitus this can impact the strategy that they walk as well as run making these kinds of activities more difficult. There will be compensations at other joints in the foot as this big toe joint does not move and this may bring about pain in those other joints in the foot. Functional hallux limitus is claimed as a risk factor for many the difficulties that will go wrong with the feet.

To take care of this disorder, it needs to be made less difficult for this hallux joint to bend through gait. As the range of flexibility of the hallux joint will be normal, it is just not using that ability to move once the foot is on the ground. There are lots of solutions that motion of the big toe joint can be assisted. Thats usually where the Cluffy Wedge comes in. This Cluffy wedge goes underneath the big toe or hallux to support the joint within a slightly dorsiflexed place. Just what this really does is it gives a head start to the movements in this joint and goes a considerable ways to assisting the movement if the foot is on the floor. This wedge is utilized to manage various problems that are caused by a functional hallux limitus.

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footspains travel blog images

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