How to activate Starz on various devices

How to activate Starz on various devices

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Starz is one of the most loved streaming services and networks that create some impressive and elegant programming. The range of shows includes Black Sails to American Gods, Spartacus to Power, Starz has presented us with some of the best TV series on Starz. Users can use the streaming platform via a variety of devices almost anywhere. This article will cover how to enable STARZ across almost all devices using an activation code from code. Check out the article below for more information.


Starz is an American premium cable and satellite TV network that is owned by Lions Gate Entertainment and is the principal property of parent-subsidiary Starz Inc.

The programming on Starz is composed of theatrically shot motion pictures as well as first-run original television shows.

If you're a television lover and enjoy streaming the most entertaining video content, then let me let you know that Starz is among the top platforms on which you can easily access a variety of channels in the US networks.

Starz is not a no-cost service provider, therefore the user must select an account that is for only $8.99 for a month. In this post we'll go over how you can access Starz across various devices.

There are many platforms available to provide you streaming content Well; Starz is very compatible with all the devices. If you'd like to add Starz to many devices then firstly you have to complete your registration.

Activate Starz Overview

Starz streaming website differs than Natgeotv or showtime whenever or other streaming websites when you want you to include channels on your Roku media player.

That means you don't need a cable company to subscribe for the code plan. This Starz monthly plan is priced at a whopping $8.99 a month or uses it for free for 7 days within the trial period,

Another method to sign up to Starz before you activate it is to use Amazon prime. If you're already a subscriber to the Amazon prime subscription and don't need to add your credit card or debit card, you can add your Starz account at the same $8.99 for a month . Or, utilize Starz for no cost during the seven day trial period. Enter Code

Friends, let me tell you about Starz is an American premium satellite and cable television channel. Today, Starz is becoming quite popular in USA. This is because we can get access to Starz via Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV or Roku device. To access this, follow and then activate the service for your phone. Just read and follow the steps given below carefully.

How I Activate

To begin, you will need to activate on your Starz account. To activate Starz, follow the steps below. Then, you'll be able to access this feature. Starz login.

In order to activate the activation of your Starz subscription, visit the website
To activate your account and enjoy all of its benefits, go to
On, you'll need to enter your Starz Active email address.
After providing your Starz email address, click the "Claim Now" button.
A variety of payment options will be offered to you to consider.
Activate your account by registering your name as well as any other details you want to add on
If you have chosen to pay with a credit card, simply enter your card information in the appropriate fields.
You have decided to use PayPal as the method of payment. Can you provide the specifics?
Complete your address below.
To complete your activation, please visit and click on the button Continue.
Make sure to pay close attention to the on-screen instructions.
Your account is now activated and is ready to utilize on!
How to login to Starz Account?

Click on the homepage, then click "Login.
You will then be able to select the method you'd like to log in to.
If you are a satellite, cable, or telco provider, then click "TV Provider.
The provider you have chosen will appear on the next screen.
If you don't see it, click "See All Providers.
If it's not there, check with your provider to find out if they have access with the STARZ application.
If you're directly subscribed to the streaming
Activate Starz com on Smart TV

Everyone knows that in the event that you have an internet connection on your smart tv you can browse the internet on your smart TV. In addition, it is possible to stream YouTube and other streaming applications on smart television.

In reality, smart TVs run on the Android operating system.
Open Google AppStore on your Smart TV and look up"Starz Play" Starz Play app.
When you find it, click on it to install Starz using the onscreen instructions.
After completing Starz Play, log in by entering Starz login information.
You can open here any of your smart devices such as Android, iDevices, or Windows PC / Laptop, and then click the URL below.
Now, enter the activation code you on the Smart TV screen and enter it on the webpage to activate Starz on Your Smart TV.
It's all about honor. I think after following the above steps, you can easily enjoy Smart Play Channel on your Smart TV without hassle.

How to Activate Starz on Roku

Activating Starz on Roku is nothing but it takes a few seconds. The process of activation takes just five minutes and you'll be able to use the service for only $8 a month after a free 7-day trial period. Take a look at the steps below to enable Starz on Roku

To get started with the activation process on Roku Log in to your Roku device first.
When you go to Home on the device's menu Choose "Streaming Channels".
Search for the channel Starz. Once you've found the channel click "OK" to add it to your Roku device.
After the channel is installed, open it and sign in with your credentials for account (email email address as well as password ) to sign up for the service.
You'll receive a unique activation code here. Remember the code must be saved for future references.
Utilizing your computer or mobile device, go to Sign in to enter the activation code that you saved.
Once the code is confirmed after verification, the Starz service has been started and you can stream Starz through your Roku device.
Activate Starz on Xfinity

A set-top-box called the X1 will be required for streaming content on Xfinity. This can be done by following these directions:

To access the main guide, just press “Guide" "Guide" button on the remote control of your gadget (channel showing).
You can add the channel to your list of favorites by looking through the channel guides by selecting the channel from the menu dropdown.
Log in using your email address and password in order to gain access to the channel.
You can enter your activation number at activate by visiting and then entering the code shown on your screen.
How can I activate Starz in Apple TV?

To begin, visit the Apple Store and download the Starz Play app.
Once the app has downloaded after downloading, go back to your desktop and open your Starz Play app.
Sign into your account.
Go to Starz available on any device. Type in the code which appears on your TV screen.
Visit activates using a web browser.
Enter code.
How to Activate Starz on Amazon Fire TV?

To activate Starz with Amazon you can make use of any of Amazon's items like Amazon Fire TV Fire Stick, Amazon's Fire Stick, Fire tablet and more. You can also visit

These steps will allow you to add Starz on your Amazon items.

Visit the homepage on any device you have.
Locate the application Starz Then, select the download option for your device.
Install the app immediately after downloading.
Enter your Starz account Starz login id/ User Id and password to access Starz on your Amazon devices.

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