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ZW Cable Will Provide You Best Cable Solution
ZW Cable will help you choose the right cable sizes for your project. We will provide you with the data sheet and drawings of the cable, as well as a quotation for the cable. We will also update the price instantly and inform you when is the best time to purchase. We will always follow up from the time you place your order to the time of shipping and keep you informed of the status of your order. Most of cables are in stock, so don’t worry about the minimum order quantity, one meter is also the factory price.

.What Is Earth Wire? 
Earth wire is a protective conductor that helps avoid fire and shock. An earth wire’s function is to provide secure travel for extra electrical charges. The earth’s solid bulk possesses a negative electrical charge. This attracts positive electrical charges.

An earth wire’s role is to regulate and direct charges into the ground. This happens without the risk of electric shock.

Usually, earth cable provides low resistance. This creates a channel during fault situations that safeguard the circuit.

Before selecting the suitable earth grounding wire, discover the best earth cable prices. Also, search a wide selection of wholesale electrical wires from various manufacturers..3

2.What Is The Size Of The Earth Wire?
The application determines the size of the earth wire. Conductor material, temperature, fault current, and length elements affect conductor size.

The type of installation and fault current also determine the earth cable size. IEEE-80 recommends the following factors when choosing an earth conductor.

a) Be conductible to make minimal contributions to regional voltage differences.

b) Withstand mechanical degradation and fusing. This should occur even in the worst-case scenario of a fault’s size and duration.

c) Have a high degree of mechanical dependability and toughness.

d) Be able to continue operating even when subjected to physical harm or corrosion.

The formula to calculate the cross-section of the earth cable is;


A = Earthing conductor cross section (mm2)

I = RMS current kA

TCAP = Thermal capacity per unit volume, expressed in J/(cm3 °C)

tc =  time of current flow in s

αr – thermal coefficient of resistivity in 1/°C

ρr – resistivity of the ground conductor in mΩ-cm

Ko – 1/α o or (1/α r) – Tr in °C

Tm – the greatest allowable temperature in °C

Ta – ambient temperature in °C

The least earth wire for a modest household electrical circuit is 16 swg, or 1.5 sq mm diameter. This earth cable size helps protect electrical equipment from electrical shock. The earth wire gauge also protects hidden wiring within the PVC pipes.

A 35 sq. mm single core cable is more suitable for handling greater electrical circuit capacities. E.g., ideal for operating an induction motor with 100 HP or 75 k.

6mm twin and earth cable is flat for simpler installation into plaster. This cable gives internal power to equipment like electric showers and cookers. Using earth cable 10mm is appropriate for underground installation and building attachment. The cable is also part of telecommunications networks.

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zwcables travel blog images

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