Back to The Future- Best Time Travel Movies

Back to The Future- Best Time Travel Movies

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Back to the future, it is the wonder of the adventure. A trilogy mythical where the viewer embarks on wild expeditions to the edge of a DeLorean time machine, a customized machine to go back in time, conducted by a duo also unlikely that endearing. It is, of course, Martin McFly, aka Marty, and doctor Emmett Brown, alias Doc.

In the mid 80's, the young Marty, concerned by its setbacks in high school, and a family bothersome, seems to be totally at ease in the company of his friend Doc, a genius inventor completely frosted. The life of Marty will switch to the day the Doc presents him with his new invention, a time machine. The two friends are going to discover the dangers inherent to time travel.

 Back to the future
The director Robert Zemeckis, spotted very early on by a certain Steven Spielberg, collaborates once again with Bob Gale to write the script for Back to the future. Surrounded by the same team as for the continuation of the green diamond with Lawrence G. Paull for the scenery, Dean Cundey, photography and Alan Silvestri music, Zemeckis presents a volatile mixture of humour and science-fiction.

A major work of popular culture Back to the future has established itself as a cult film. There are various reasons why this is successful, multi-generational. On the one hand, the logical approach and fluidity, which explains neatly the idea of a temporal paradox, give the scenario strength and credibility are generally suffering from the films of youth turning to science-fiction. On the other hand, the character a little loser of this ado clueless and this old fool who lives alone with his dog does the bride not so much in their great adventures and in this steadfast friendship.

As one of the main originalities of this film, it is no doubt that this friendship between Marty Doc. A friendship that does not bother with details like the age difference and where the relationship of master/apprentice is revisited in the sauce entertainment.

Thirty years after its release, Back to the future is clearly a timeless work. Of the beloved characters and timeless, humour, suspense, and a scenario in reinforced concrete, what more to ask ?
IMDB: 8.5
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